20/20 Vision

It is the time of the year when gum tree seeds drop in abundance. The tiny seeds cover the ground, the hood of the car and carport, sidewalks, and all. The birds have an abundant feast like manna from heaven with food lying all around. I am reminded of the times I have walked under oak trees that have dropped their acorns by the thousands. It only takes one to make another oak tree, but the Creator whose nature is to propagate life freely distributes a super over-abundance to assure that is accomplished. Millions of sperm cells are released in human propagation, but only one connects to make the baby.

God’s order is abundance for the propagation of abundant life in every way. Anything that does not fit that criterion is either out of his order or is operating below his plan and design – it’s just not there yet where it can and should be. Jesus came and demonstrated this abundance. He freely healed all who came to him, not questioning whether it was God’s will or not – he knew it was God’s will. He freely forgave and imparted new direction to those who society condemned and rejected and would not forgive. He candidly reproved and instructed those who stood against God’s way and order, even though he knew they hated him for it and were plotting to kill him. More than once he supernaturally multiplied food and drink to provide for the needs of those around him. More than once he raised people from the dead – life abounding – and many saints rose from the graves at his own resurrection and appeared to many – life super abounding! (Matthew 27:52, 53) He constantly trained others to go and do the same things he did. He trained them to train others to train others for exponential growth of the kingdom of God across the whole earth to completely cover the earth with his goodness and his glory. This is just the way God is. Any small, narrow, limited view we have of God’s provisions, plans, and purposes for our lives needs to be laid aside and God’s true vision embraced. Most of us need cataract surgery and supernatural corrective lenses implanted by God himself if we are going to have the proper 20/20 vision for the New Year.

Given the true nature of God, let us all have one New Year’s resolution for ourselves and in prayers applied to all – “Lord God, let me see you for who you really are, and help me to adjust my life accordingly. I ask you for this in Jesus’ name and by faith I thank you for it. Amen!” Psalms 19:1-3