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If you do a search on Lighthouse Church Benton Facebook, and go there and  just scroll down, you will find Sunday morning and Wednesday evening praise and worship and messages. Keep scrolling and you will find the Men’s Bible Study. At this writing, there are 38 Men’s Bible Study sessions scattered throughout.

Various Articles and Bible Studies:

The Gospel in a Nutshell

The Joy of the Lord

God’s Answer for the World Today

The Basics and the Simplicity of Christ

Basic New Testament Christianity .

Dealing With the Past and Moving Forward .

How To Shut The Door To Sickness and Death .

Following Jesus – Building a Legacy to the Glory of God

Speaking with Other Tongues

Women Preachers?

Two Commandments

Our church: Lighthouse Church of Benton


Proclaiming Freedom Through the Finished Work of Jesus Christ 

Be blessed with… Freedom

Articles, from “Downhome Deliberations” which appears in the Southern Standard, a weekly paper based in Amity, Arkansas and distributed in this same area and beyond.


Can’t See the Forest for the Trees . Carried By the Blood . Don’t Push the Truck .

Let the Spirit Flow . The Sky is the Limit . Rats .

Ride That Horse, JackThe Gate is Open . Curiosity.

Learning to Drive . Stop the Rats . God Will Provide for You . Good Circulation .

Instant Coffee . Master Mechanic . Which Way Your Blades . Influences .

Don’t Walk Right Past It . Beauty in the Back Yard . When the Rains Come .

Time For an Update . Clean the Windshield . Ten Pews and a Cargo Trailer .


Grace To Waylon and Willy . Why Pray . Clean Windows . Stick ’em Up Before I Shoot You .

Where Are You Going? Venison on the Runway . Remove the Training Wheels .

The Church of Animal RescueThe Move of God . Season for Supernatural Fruit .

Got It Pegged . Teamwork Makes the Dream Work . As the Creek Runs .

Rake the Coals Together . The Jesus Revolution . Kids Say the Darndest Things .

Do What Needs to Be Done to Fix the Leak . Not Brushed Under the Rug

BLOCK Church . The Lord, Love, and Living Responsibly

The Basics and the Simplicity of Christ . Happy As a Pig in Mud .

Master the Basics . Snakes Alive . The Thrill of the Hunt . Yelp Out to God .

Strong and True . Families Together . Feasting at the Table .

With All the Popping Going On . Cohesiveness and Continuity .

Real or Imagined . Care Giving . The Show Must Go On .

Pray For Our Children . Dirty ole Cookie Jar . Rescue the Perishing .

Just Do It . Impossible is God’s Starting Point .

Jesus Suffered to Set Us Free . A Sweet Smell in the House .

Lessons From Our Furry Friends . Light of Heaven .

Ride Out with Joy . Keep This in Mind . Believing and Yielding .

There It Is! . Take the Ball to the Lane . Big Bird and the Cat .

Dipped in the Cold Water . Jesus is the Reason for the Season .

When Big Bird Comes Around . I Keep Hearing a Ringing! .

The Gift Revealed .


. Let God Orchestrate Your Life     The Rock, the Prophet, and the Praying Man

. Joyful Jesus 2021 .    It Was There All The Time .

The Best Investment For 2021 . Well I’ll Be! .

Get A Miracle or Meet Your Maker . A Lapse of True Reason .

A Lapse of True Reason – Part 2 . A Good Soldier .

Learning to Play the Piano . Serenity of Soul .

Four Paws in the AirApply the Good Report

Like A Duck to Water Trees of Righteousness .

If We Do Our PartDon’t Walk Right Past It

The Beautiful ArchwayTell The Dogs To Get Into The Truck

God Wants To Help YouTraining That Pays

There Is No Identity Crises In The Kingdom .

God Wants To Help You  .  A Good Choice To Make  .

When All Else Fails Read The Directions  .  Come Expecting  .

Sweet Baby Bunny  .  A Tribute To My Brother Joe  .

Let’s Call It A Day  .  How God Weaves His Tapestry In Life  .  

There It IsThe Overall Picture  .  It Is Already Done  .

Stand In Faith  . True Beauty and Fulfillment .

Make Sure Your Boat Is Properly Hitched .

Impossible Is God’s Starting Point .

New Birth  Our Eternal Life . New Birth Our Eternal Life – Part Two .

Basic New Testament Christianity – God’s Answer For the World Today – Let’s Go Fishing .

One Coin . Everybody Is Going Somewhere . Your Fully Equipped Shop

Bow Only To His Word And Live . Know How To Operate The Digger

Get The Power Available To You . Let’s Get Rid Of The Binkies .

Looking Into The Mirror . Stockpile On The Ammo Now .

Put Your Spear In The Ground . The Gift Who Keeps On Giving .

This Is the Way; Walk Ye In It .


Let God Orchestrate Your LifeLaunchedJust Let the Dust Fly! .

Good People Can Born AgainLongevity . Stay In The Secret Place

In Earth As It Is In HeavenMaster The Basics . Stung!

Get The Right Perspective . Bicycle Tires and Rifles

Grab The Right Cup . How Many Pencils Do You Have? .

Two Sides Of The Coin . Love Lifted Betty . The Loving Master

God’s Way To Bring About Healing . Do What Is Pleasing To The Master

The Power Of Remembering . Behind The Scenes With Boo Boo The Chicken .

My Stay In The Heart Rate Hotel . Keeping Him In Remembrance .

God Wants Us To Win . God Will Guide You . The Grey Domino

For The Dry Season . I Won’t Go Far Without My Keys

A Good Place To Eat And Drink . In Balance .

Don’t Get Kicked Out Of The Garden . Soupy Concrete Wrongly Handled .

Strawberry Pie . The Ballad Of The Bull (El Toro) .

A Sweet Smell In The House . God’s Way To Bring About Healing .

From A Joy Ride To Genuine . Salvation Through Jesus Christ .

Power Through Jesus Christ . Church House Religion .

Liberated Like A Child . Believing Prayer And Smart Choices .

From Fig Leaves To Fullness Of Life . The Real Deal . It Was There All The Time .

Surgery, Renovation, Abundant Life . With God All Things Are Possible .

Prayer With Trust In The Word . Jesus Is The Reason For The Season .

Jesus Is The Gift To All Mankind .


20/20 Vision     A Unique Gift     Seedtime and Harvest     Doctor Jesus

God’s Work Release Program     Where Are You Going?

Get What Has Been Purchased For You     Fire That Will Burn Your Field

No Fault In the Man     Punch the Button     The River To Swim In

Apply Psalms 91     Lemonade From Lemons     Let God Guide

Two Fronts of the Battle     God Will Flow Through Your Life

Triple Word Score     Hydrate For Health     Absolute Truth

PUSH!     Ten Bricks     From Limitations to Full Life

Walking With God     The Real Answer     Peace

Love, Respect, and Concern for the Neighbor

Now You Believe in God?    All Lives Matter     What God Allows

Walk Toward God     Work Together for the Good of All   

 You Can Pull the Lever     Pray According to the Manual

Don’t Cut the Card Up!     Take the Sling and the Stone

Entitlement Mentality     Beautiful Floors     

Standing on a Beautiful Floor     Sometimes Things Are Not As They Seem

Unlimited Fruitfulness     What Is Your Windmill?     As the Day Dawns

In Times of Floods     Make It Count With God

The Perfect Gospel in an Imperfect World    Light the Bonfire

Words to Live By     APPS to Live By

The Greatest Gift – Part One     The Greatest Gift – Part T wo


Top Notch Living     Top Notch Living: Part 2

      Believe the Gospel
Pancakes     A Great Treasure      Let’s Play Our Piano
Believer to the Birth      Don’t Lose Your Trailer Hitch
The White Duck of Gentry Creek      Chunks of Tire
Ballistic     Chico and the Dogs     Transforming Power
Hit the Save Button Now!      Light By Which To See
The Power of a Praying Church      Just Squeeze the Bottle!
Just Dive In!      Cuts and Pinches      Chicken or a Pig
Find the Right Pin      Full Throttle      Solar Lights
Homer, Bruno, and King David      Follow the Signs
Right Mama?      In God We Trust      Lot Lingered
Wild Goose Chase      Jesus Never Feared
God’s New Thing      Ask and Receive
The Equalizer     The Red Book Miracle

As the Creek Runs: Taking Charge of How Our Creeks Flow

Lights Out: God’s Help Through Ministering Angels

Happy As a Pig in Mud

Just Be With Jesus — Friends Forever

Mums and Petunias        SWOT Analysis for God’s Way

Practicing Good Dental Hygiene     Look at the Word, Not the Clouds

Electric Plugs and Banana Chips     Good Roots Make Good Fruits


Straighten Up Your Van, Man!     Don’t Feed the Ducks     Go By the Numbers

Barb Wire    The Monkey Trap    Barking at the Buzzards   

The Banged Up Bug     Three Cows     Check the Connection    

Gumballs     Cover Yourself With His Power     Calm River

God’s Garden     Jerked by the Vine     What’s In Your Coffee Cup?

Bouncy House     Care-free in the Midst of Chaos     A Testimony of Healing

Get the Car Started     Squirrelly Thieves     Good Roots Make Good Fruits

Wilted     Listen and Obey     Fireflies and Cottage Cheese     Speak the Word

Maintenance Required     Catch That Ball!    

Have You Prayed About It?

Dealing With the Moles     Nailed It!     Trusting God Unto Joy

Ten Plugs – The Father’s Care       The Wood Splitter

Peace Through God’s Care     Put Some Sugar and Diesel in the Can

It Was There All the Time     God, Guns, and Guts

The Lifestyle of Love     There is no Blessing With a Broken Belt

Cokes and Cigarettes     Center Stage – Jesus Is Alive and Well

Honoring All Veterans     Spotlight on Joy

A New Season of Life     Training in the Walk

Bo Donkey     The Escape Room      Move, Move, Move, and Live


Flying in the Fog     Just Ask Waylon and Willy

Whether “Wild” or “Wary” Learn to be Led by the Spirit


Mission Trips Trump Vacations        Mind and Mouth



Gift That Will Carry You Through       Grace – A Definition  

Muddy Boots Clean        Focus on Staying Filled

Your Christmas


Clean Machine in 2015      COPS     Believers Never Die

 Tribute to Becky    Bouquet of Love      Gospel Power

 Stay in Love     A Yielded Believer      Young Forever

God’s Passion    Rivers      Benefits

Always   Take It With You!   Renew Your Mind

Fish Provision     See the Elephant!     Out of Bondage

Myrtle the Milk Cow     Upside Down

Rose or Rattlesnake?     Full Maturity

Partnership Part One

Learn to Draw on Grace

Know This

God’s Program     Ordinary People    Royalty

What’s Next?    Conversion    Believer or Beggar?

Feet, Hands, Heart, and Mouth      Honor to the Mother

Good Book     

Eden, Garden of Pleasure

What God Joins Together       What Man Puts Asunder

No More Twain

Don’t Neglect This!      Words to Win

Fun, Freedom, and Fire      A New Crop

From Reeking to Reigning        Distraction 100

Petal to the Metal      Full Throttle

God’s Program

Stinger-Less    Good Life, Eternal Life

Unauthorized Activity

The Dressing Room     Get Off the Rake!

Spooky Coincidence     Something to Celebrate

Sweet Sleep      Fight     Packing

The Light    Giving Is Living


God’s Plan for You       Two Dogs and a Cat

Power in Jesus’ Name      The Helper

The Helper – Part Two         Normal

Be Filled      2000 Pigs in the Pond

Toast and Bananas    Will Your Boat float?

The Walk and the Works    Where’s the Butter?

Irritated Stupidity        Make the Exchange

Rough Sawn to Ready     Snakes Alive

Be a Braveheart     Bomb Defuser

Bird Brains     The Healing God

Hey Boys. This Way!     When the Knife Slips

Fully Satisfied    From Prodigal to Prince

Choose to Live    Love, Life, and Liberty

Tools to Take You Through     Bill Pay Banking

Refreshing Just a Jump Away    Fleas

12,000 Egg Laying Chickens   Humps In Your Floor

You Got Rights     You Grow What You Sow

Exam Time    Drink More Water

Pub Mix and Nuts     Get To Painting!

Ole Queen    A Good Thing in 80 Days

Polished Marble    Trick or Treat

Thin Ice     The Squeaky Boot

Gophers and Ground Bees   

Beautiful Lights    

Turkey Juice and Black Ashes

Homer, Get the Duck!

A Work in Progress

A Season of Birth

One Goal


Cracked Communication

If You Are Hungry        Dirt

What Crown Are You Wearing?

Your Time To Chime

From the Pit to the Palace

God’s Program   Family Redemption

Skid Marks    Trash in Your Bucket

Agreement With God

Don’t Burn the Farm

Commit to Hold On   Pay Attention

Storm, Shipwreck, and Snake

Who Is Willing to Ride Your Bicycle?

Money in the Bank

Set In Agreement

The Deal Is Done   Memorial Day

Arthur, Take Your Place


Steel in the Rock

Cool, Clear, Refreshing Drink

Don’t Crawfish on the Word!

You Gotta Move!    Rambo

There’s more a comin’, so ya’ll come back real soon