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Proclaiming Freedom Through the Finished Work of Jesus Christ 

These are articles, either published or not yet published, from “Downhome Deliberations”, a column I write for the Daily Siftings Herald, a daily paper that is distributed in the Arkadelphia, AR, Clark County, and surrounding areas.

Be blessed with…


And the newest article is:

Irritated Stupidity


Flying in the Fog

Just Ask Waylon and Willy

Whether “Wild” or “Wary” Learn to be Led by the Spirit


Mission Trips Trump Vacations        Mind and Mouth



Gift That Will Carry You Through       Grace – A Definition  

Muddy Boots Clean        Focus on Staying Filled

Your Christmas


Clean Machine in 2015      COPS     Believers Never Die

 Tribute to Becky    Bouquet of Love      Gospel Power

 Stay in Love     A Yielded Believer      Young Forever

God’s Passion    Rivers      Benefits

Always   Take It With You!   Renew Your Mind

Fish Provision     See the Elephant!     Out of Bondage

Myrtle the Milk Cow     Upside Down

Rose or Rattlesnake?     Full Maturity

Partnership Part One

Learn to Draw on Grace

Know This

God’s Program     Ordinary People    Royalty

What’s Next?    Conversion    Believer or Beggar?

Feet, Hands, Heart, and Mouth      Honor to the Mother

Good Book     

Eden, Garden of Pleasure

What God Joins Together       What Man Puts Asunder

No More Twain

Don’t Neglect This!      Words to Win

Fun, Freedom, and Fire      A New Crop

From Reeking to Reigning        Distraction 100

Petal to the Metal      Full Throttle

God’s Program

Stinger-Less    Good Life, Eternal Life

Unauthorized Activity

The Dressing Room     Get Off the Rake!

Spooky Coincidence     Something to Celebrate

Sweet Sleep      Fight     Packing

The Light    Giving Is Living


God’s Plan for You       Two Dogs and a Cat

Power in Jesus’ Name      The Helper

The Helper – Part Two         Normal

Be Filled      2000 Pigs in the Pond

Toast and Bananas    Will Your Boat float?

The Walk and the Works    Where’s the Butter?

Irritated Stupidity

There’s more a comin’, so ya’ll come back real soon!

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