You Can Pull the Lever

I was splitting wood with a 20 ton hydraulic gasoline powered wood splitter -20 tons of force brought to bear on one point on the end of a stick of wood. When the engine is running, all you have to do is position a stick of wood about 20 inches long in the upright position and pull a lever and the wedge-shaped blade slowly comes down to split the wood in two. The power to split the wood is not in how hard or how well you can pull the lever down. The power is in the machine itself. All you do is pull the lever down to engage the hydraulic system to cause the splitter to come down to accomplish the task. It does not matter whether you are 70 years old or 3 years old, if you can pull the lever down the machine will do the work. When I was splitting wood, I had my wife’s 3 year old great grandson to pull the lever down and the machine split the wood just as well as when I pulled the lever down.

Our nation and our world has some big, deep-seated problems. They are too big for man alone to work them out. We need God’s wisdom, guidance, and intervention. The way we get this is through believing prayer. It is by finding God’s will in his Word, the Bible, and asking according to his will that things be changed. It is revealed in his Word that it is his will that people be saved from sinful ways and follow the ways of God in righteousness, justice, love, peace, and well-being for all. People’s hearts and minds must change for conditions in the world to change. Only God can do this. We must all take a stand with the Word of God and ask according to his will for people’s hearts to be changed. If you receive the shed blood of Jesus as the sacrifice to take your own sins away, then you are in position to pull the lever of faith and ask God to change people’s hearts. You can ask to remove wicked people from high places and install people who God can use in order to lead this nation in a righteous way. The power of change is not in how hard or how well you pull the lever. All you do is just pull the lever – all you do is ask and trust God to do the work. The power to accomplish it is in God. Pull the lever of faith and ask God to do things that line up with his Word.

He is the God of life, liberty, love, and justice for all. Pray that God enlighten people to the truth that needs to be known in order to follow him in his ways. Stand on 1 John 3:20-22 and 5:14,15. Let us all ask that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified and glorified and our nation and world be changed the way God wants it changed. God is the power to split the toughest piece of spiritual wood. Pull the lever of faith and see God do the work.