A Good Place To Eat And Drink

The other day Barb and I went to a restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful meal. We talked to each other about how good all the food was and how much we enjoyed it. We told the family when we got together how good it was and how much we enjoyed it. We look forward to going back to that same restaurant. That is usually what we do when we experience a good thing. We tell others about it so they might be able to enjoy it, too. The same thing happens with spiritual things. I remember a Japanese college student of the Shinto religion who came to one of our meetings with a headache. We prayed for her headache and it instantly left her. We said to her, “The same Jesus who took your headache away can save you, giving you peace with God and eternal life. Do you want him in your life?” She turned to Jesus and it was reported the next day she was all over campus telling friends what Jesus had done for her. She found a good thing and wanted to share it with her friends.

Well I have found a good something in the Word of God and in my experience that I want to share with you. Jesus gave a practice to the church to help us remember what he has done for us so we can continually apply it to our lives. The more we apply the Word and Spirit of God to our lives, the more we receive the blessings the Word and Spirit of God holds for us. If we fail to receive and apply the Word and Spirit, we miss that which is there for us. For many years I have taken communion daily. Communion is a practice given to help us remember that by the blood of Jesus we are in covenant with God to receive all his blessings in our lives. We have the righteousness of Jesus put to our account. We are placed in a position of being a joint heir with Jesus in sonship, dominion, and power over spiritual forces. We are cleansed by his blood sacrifice on our behalf giving us the eternal life of God in our spirit man, enabling us to walk and talk with God. By his work alone, we have open access to God in prayer at all times. It helps me to remember that by his body that was broken for me, I have healing of all sickness and disease, and restoration and rejuvenation by the life of God that is in me. These are just a few blessings that come to mind. What a way to start each day! Talk about a positive jump start! Plus, my heart beats regular now, I don’t have acid reflux, my back is healed and strong, and my T level has elevated (Doc said I could quit the shot). Now this, is a good place to eat and drink. 1 Corinthians 11:23-32