A Lapse of True Reason

I was recently shown a posting on Face book of a lady who was about out of gas so she pulled over and called her husband in a panic letting him know that she was about out of gas. After about 5 minutes of sitting there frustrated with running late and running out of gas, she realized where she had pulled over to wait for her husband to come help her. She had pulled over into the lot of a Chevron station! As she and her husband told of the incident on Face book, it was extremely funny and served to brighten the day.

Sometimes we get so caught up with life as we see it that we have a lapse of true reason. We are seeing things only from our point of view with the pressures and experiences and limited intelligence and understanding that we have, and we fail to consider the bigger perspective of life that is from God’s point of view. The Bible tells us Jesus is the true Light that lights every person in the world (John 1:9). Every person has a degree of understanding. What we do with it is up to us. If we are so caught up with what is going on around us, or if the influences around us are guiding us into one direction, if we don’t pay attention to the heart knowledge deep within, we might find ourselves sitting at the gas station thinking we need to get help from another source, when we are already right there at the full source. Whole societies can be influenced like this to follow another way, when all the time the true way was available to them. A common line of lapsed reason we can have is to think we will go to heaven because we are a good person doing good deeds and we don’t do really bad stuff. The higher line of reason that God has already presented is for us to come to him just the way we are. He said even though your sins are like the stain of scarlet and crimson, you will be white as snow if you will take his provision, and, you will prosper in every way (Isaiah 1:18-20). It would be a lapse of true reasoning to not take what God has already provided. His provision for us is that we embrace the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf as the full, final, and all-sufficient payment for our sin to make us right with God. Our good works are nothing compared to him. By submitting our life to Him as Lord, God’s life is imparted to us and we are given the power to become sons of God (John 1:12, 13). With that life we can filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit who shows us how Jesus is God’s provision for every situation. With Him, we are sitting at the gas station. Pull over to the pump and fill up!