A Unique Gift

Barbara, my wife, happened across some approximately five feet by five feet panels of beautiful shiny coppery glass tiles set in concrete grout. The tiles are glued to a backing of two eighth inch fiberglass panels sandwiched together with adhesive. The tiles themselves are of various square and rectangular dimensions ranging from one half inch to an inch and a half. It is a mosaic design arranged in a repeating pattern throughout. The idea was that this would make a beautiful backsplash for under the counters in the kitchen. The material was obtained and lay in my box trailer for some days. Since I like to give unique gifts for Christmas, I launched the project to become my gift to my wife for Christmas 2019. However, due to the intricacy required in working the material and fulfilling other obligations of work right before Christmas, only one piece was cut out to start installation after Christmas. Working with glass using a hand-held grinder with an abrasive cutting wheel is a tedious task. I would go to the work area and don ear plugs, safety goggles, a dust mask, and a head lamp and measure and slowly cut away using the carefully measured out and double-checked dimensions. I had only just enough material to do the job with no more material to be obtained. One wrong cut could mess the whole thing up. But by working in after-work-times and in off times the project has been accomplished. Was the gift a success? She said that every time she walks in the kitchen she smiles. It is a success.

God is sensitive to our needs and desires. He has put forth a lot of effort to make sure we are provided an abundance of good things for our life. Through the work of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Word of God, he has provided healing for all, forgiveness and eternal life for all, supernatural empowerment for all, and prosperity for all. It is beautiful material that he has provided that reflects his glory in all. He is here with us at all times to help us receive and apply that which he has graciously provided. It doesn’t just happen. We must on purpose give ourselves to him to “launch the project”. It is not a hap-hazard, sloppy project. Precise measurements of our life must be taken, and by the steady hand of the Holy Spirit the power of God can make the cuts that fit the designated place. It is a gift of participation with Almighty God that will reflect his glory in our life every day. Every day that we step into the kitchen of his love, we smile. That is success.