A Work in Progress


We are all a work in progress. God’s goal for us is that we be manifesting the very life and image of Jesus Christ in everyday life (2 Corinthians 3: 17, 18). With this understood, we don’t have to look past our nose to see there is a lot of work yet to be done in each of our lives. God is good. God is great. For us to take him at his word, he will patiently wait. It is a growth process, step-by-step. As we follow after him, we will see his supernatural help.

Back to Homer, my friend’s young energetic Chesapeake Retriever: He is being trained to fulfill his destiny of retrieving ducks in the hunt. He is being taken through all the drills, but at this writing, Homer has never had a duck killed in front of him. He has gone out on the hunt, but he has never experienced the real deal of a downed duck while out on the hunt. When this happens, he will connect all the dots and really begin getting the picture. As Homer continues to take the owner at his word, and respond accordingly, a duck will be brought down before him and he will understand what it is all about.

Jesus and the early church lived in a flow of seeing the miraculous in everyday life. Many Christians are reading about this but not experiencing miraculous results first hand. The duck has never been shot right before them, so they have cooled their jets, some even adjusting their theology saying “the day of miracles is past”. If Homer never has a duck shot in front of him, he will probably live out his days thinking if he just goes out on the hunt and goes through all the drills and plays with the decoys, he is doing what he is supposed to do. Just going to church and being a good person is not the point of “the hunt.” God wants us to take action on his goodness and his faithfulness to his word, and apply that word in faith so we “take the duck down” and get miraculous results. Once we make the connection, then we understand what we can be and what we can do in the kingdom of God.

Jesus wants to live his life out through each one of us. Keep learning and acting on and speaking the word of God until desired results are seen.


155 thoughts on “A Work in Progress”

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