Absolute Truth

This morning the sun rose from the east across this United States and this afternoon, it will go down in the west. Things stay on this earth today and don’t fly off into space because of gravitational pull. If a person jumps off into a lake of water, they will get wet. If a person steps in front of a speeding truck, they will get run over. You can temporarily offset the realization that the sun rises by putting your head in a sack, but the sun still arose. You can get in an airplane and temporarily offset the effects of gravitational pull, but in time the gas is going to run out and you will come down. You can put a rubber jump suit on and jump into the lake and you won’t get wet on your skin, but the wet is still there and when the suit comes off, you will get wet in the lake. If you stay out from in front of a speeding truck, you won’t get run over. But if you should insanely choose to put yourself in such a path and stay there, when the truck comes, you will get hit. With common sense, we accept these absolute truths.

Can we apply some common sense to our spiritual lives? Man is an eternal spirit being living in a flesh body, and there are some absolute spiritual truths that apply to us all. First, Jesus rose from the dead for the redemption of mankind. His resurrection is an absolute, unchanging truth that you can bank on with all your life. That will never change. Next, God’s love, established provision, and working on mankind’s behalf is constant and never ceases. There is a balance. He is also an absolutely righteous judge, and we will each give account to him for the deeds done in our body whether good or bad. If we willfully violate his love, mercy, and provisions and jump into the lake of sin or put ourselves into the path where the truck runs, in time, we will suffer the consequences. Sometimes we need to get our head out of the sack and see this is absolutely true. But, it is also absolutely true that when we turn with all our being from living apart from him, and when we turn from sin to embrace Jesus as Lord of our lives, we have the favor and the full operation of God on our behalf to rescue us from the stupid things that we do. The Bible never said the wages of walking with God is death. It said the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus as Lord (Romans 6:23). Sin and our own flesh is the enemy, not God. Jesus absolutely saves from sin and spiritual death. He infuses us with God’s life by the Holy Spirit. It is just good common sense to walk with God, not against him. And that is absolute truth.