Be A Braveheart


William Wallace was the character in the movie “Braveheart” who led the way in the Scottish quest for national independence. Mel Gibson did a tremendous job both in playing the lead role and in directing and producing this action-packed saga that carried one main message. In the climactic scene, Wallace was given the ultimatum to swear allegiance to the conquering king or be tortured to death. In his much weakened state, he summoned the last ounce of strength he could muster for one last word, and it was not, “I swear allegiance to the king.” Instead, with all his strength he shouted, “Freedom!”

I guess movies make much more impact on me than I realize. I was working on a job, wanting to get it completely done in one day. I was dealing pretty heavily with some sickness, feeling very “bad” by this condition. I should have been home in bed, but I was not. I took note that I found myself remembering that movie, and that scene, and found it interesting that I was drawing strength and determination to press my way through the day in spite of wanting to just go home and go to bed. I did get the job done that day, went home, and eventually went to bed. It is good to have people and things inspire us in positive ways, even if it is “just a movie”. In the movie there was a principle operating, and it was the principle of not submitting to a dictator, that provided the strength to press through to the end. Jesus came to set us free in a righteous way in spirit, soul, body, in family, financially, and in our eternal future. He made full provision for this to take place. We should not settle for second best. It is our privilege and responsibility to “seek God” to gain the freedom that is rightfully ours in whatever area we might need it. It might seem impossible to obtain, but we must remember, with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Freedom requires a fight. Defeat seemed apparent, but after the third day, we see that Jesus fought and won. On the basis of his victory, you can fight and win, too.


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