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In my daily routine of getting ready for the day, I generally brush my hair before I put my shirt on. Virtually daily, I realize that the human body is so sensitive that a single hair can fall on your bare shoulder and it can be felt. I also realize that a human being is an intuitive spiritual being, who has a soul consisting of mind and emotions, and who lives in a physical body. So my thinking goes on in this direction: If the body is sensitive enough to feel a single hair falling gently on it, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the human spirit is designed to be just as sensitive.

God is a Spirit, and his communications to humans take place in the realm of the spirit, so my conclusion is yes, God designed our spirit to be sensitive, and it is our responsibility to listen to and respond to the perceptions and signals that take place in our human spirit. It is in the realm of the spirit, or “heart”, or “inner man”, that we have our connection with God. Our head might be thinking and believing one thing, but our “heart” or “inner man”, our spirit, is perceiving and believing something else. So, it is important in life for us to learn to listen to our spirit. We walk with God in our spirit, and it is good news to know God always has our best interest in mind, and, that he is faithful to communicate that to us, which will always be in line with the Bible. The more we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in the Word, and the more we learn to listen to our spirit, the better off we will be in every way. When Jesus and the apostles and the early church were “filled with the Holy Spirit”, they gave themselves to God to allow him to have his way in their lives in every way (Acts 2:4). This allowed the path of communication with God in the spirit to be unrestricted by human trappings, traditions, and troubles, even to the point of God giving his own language of communication to every believer. By being filled with and spiritually sensitized by the Holy Spirit, God was allowed to get right up in the middle of daily life so he could bring his purpose and abundant life into the daily lives of all people. This is good. It would be well for us all to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to his instruction. It is only for our good and the good of all.


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