Behind The Scenes With Boo Boo The Chicken

My sister, the late Marian Morris, had her fifteen minutes of fame with her role in the resuscitation of Boo Boo the chicken. The official website I put up in 2006 giving all the details is still operating at this writing – Sis was a fun-loving person, and a naturally funny personality, which when all of us siblings were together at family gatherings, we all laughed together at the comments and antics of Sis and Joe. Richard and I have always been the more serious type, but when we were all together we all had a good time. I was the baby of the family so I caught all the baby-of-the-family jokes, but it was all in good humor, with good memories.

Back to Boo Boo. When at noon I found that chicken floating in the pond with its head down in the water, it made me mad that it had drowned. Just that morning I had been looking out the window into the back yard admiring what a pretty and unique bird she was. Now she was dead! I thought, “That devil has stolen my pretty chicken!” Irritated, I grabbed it up out of the water and gave it a couple of squeezes, thinking I might squeeze some water out of her lungs, and said loudly, “In the name of Jesus, you will live and not die!” I was really quite miffed at the whole situation, so I marched that chicken around to the front porch where my wife, Becky, (now deceased) was sitting, and I dropped that chicken down beside her and said, “You better speak some Word over this chicken because I think she is dead. She drowned in the pond behind the house.” I went on to work. Well, later Sis came walking by to check on Becky, and found the chicken situation, and she administered the mouth-to-beak resuscitation procedure and went on her way. Long story short, from there, it went to the Jay Leno show and world-wide fame.

If God cares about every sparrow that falls to the ground, and every hair of your head is numbered (Matthew 10:29-31), and he cares enough to raise a chicken from the dead, then don’t you know that God cares for you? It is through the name of Jesus. Jesus did the work for you. He paid the price for your sin for you to be right with God for all eternity. He is the resurrection and the life for healing, health, and wholeness, for abundant life here and hereafter. He will empower you with his Spirit for you to walk in joy and victory. Sometimes we have to get mad, miffed, irritated, and “fed up” with being defeated before we step into new life. Don’t let some dead religious doctrine hold you back from getting all God has provided for you. God cares for you that you live on top, not under it all. Give it all to Jesus declaring, “In Jesus’ name, I’m coming out!”