Believe the Gospel

I recently had a conversation with a student who shared an interesting quote from a NASA physicist. This man was involved in figuring the trajectory of one of the rockets that has been launched into space. He said “there is too much order in the universe for there not to be a God.” The student went on to relate how the physicist said that just from the math, all religious things aside, one must conclude that a being of supreme intelligence had to have orchestrated the creation and function of the universe. The student continued that the physicist said the probability of such a creation occurring by happenstance or accident would be “like a tornado hitting a junk yard leaving a fully functional jumbo jet in its wake.” Well, common sense says that’s not going to happen. So, even the rocket scientists can give testimony that even by the slide rule, there must be a God.

The Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handywork; day unto day utters speech, and night unto night shows knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard (Psalms 19:1-3). In other words, all over the world when people just stop to look at the world around them, they can figure out there must be a God, a creator who is powerful, and who has the ability to commune with man and intervene in the affairs of man. That is step one. Step two is the revelation of the law that reveals sin. Step three is the revelation of Jesus Christ who brought the good news that man can be one with God, and not just be a servant but a son seated with him in heavenly authority and power. So, if there is a God, which there is, then he is big enough to be all that he says he is, and, he is big enough to back up what he says he has done for man through Christ. We need to realize that this same God of the universe is the same God who provided an all powerful gospel to meet every need of mankind through Jesus Christ.

The gospel, the good news of what Jesus has accomplished for us, is the power of God unto full deliverance for every person in every way (Romans 1:16). God’s gospel is not a wimpy barely-get-by-beggar gospel. God has given his Son and his Word, to bless those who believe with forgiveness, fullness of power, healing, and so much more. God’s Word is more sure than a physicists calculations for the trajectory of a rocket. If we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for every thing, we will be saved in every way (Acts 16:31).


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