Believer or Beggar?

Believers are not beggars! Believers are bold to know, hold to, and act on God’s Word (Hosea 4:6). When God’s Word says it, and you believe it, it is “Katy bar the door, there is trouble in store” for sin, sickness, satan, and sorry circumstances. When we really believe the Word, its power is released! (Matthew 9:29) A sinner can believe the Word, and they are freed from the power of sin. A sick person can believe the Word, and their sickness is healed. A satanically oppressed person can believe the Word, and they are no longer depressed or oppressed, and when faith is exercised in the Word for the release of a demon possessed person, they go free. The Word released with faith into a sorry circumstance can turn that circumstance around. The Word released can still a raging storm (Mark 4: 36-41).

Believers don’t back down. Believers are those who hear what the Word says, and they act on it, knowing God is faithful to his Word (Hebrews 10:19-23). If the result is not right away in coming, believers keep believing and acting on the Word. That might be an act of resting knowing the work is done (Hebrews 4:3), or it could be an action taken in faith to demonstrate what God has done. Jesus told a lame man carried in by four men, to get up, wrap up his bed, and go home! And the man did just that! He was healed by the power of God as he took action to do what he could not normally do because of his present condition. The man and his assistants had faith; that is why they came to Jesus. Jesus certainly had faith, so he spoke the word of faith telling the man to get up and go home (Mark 2:3-12). With such faith supernatural things are accomplished, even if the on-lookers are nay-sayers (Mark 2: 1-12). And sometimes, the unbelieving ones need to be put out of the room (Matthew 9: 23-25). Believers do what they need to do to get the job done to set the captive free to the glory of God.

Beggars don’t have anything, and they don’t have any resource to get anything, except to beg. Believers are sons of God, inheritors of the promises of the Word, with all the resources of heaven to supply their Word-based, point-of-faith needs and desires (Romans 8:17, 18; Galations 3:29). God will work wonders with believers. 4-20-15


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