Believers Never Die

Jesus plainly said to his disciples that their friend Lazarus was dead. Later Jesus said believers in him (in Jesus) never die (John 11: 14, 26). Obviously, he is talking about two kinds of death. One is that which gets your name in the obituary. The other is about a spiritual connection with God. Jesus said the person who believes in him, who turns to, embraces and receives for themselves his work for them, clinging to him for their eternal salvation, never dies. Their body might cease to function, their name might be in the paper, but their spirit is united with the Spirit of God in the presence of the Lord Jesus who is alive forevermore.

Jesus died for us and was raised from the dead and lives in the heavenly spirit realm as we speak. Those who believe on him, who turn to, embrace, receive for themselves his work for them and cling to him, trusting him, are partakers of his eternal life. They never die. And even after their body has ceased to function, in God’s design there is a day of a resurrection of a new body in the Lord. This is the good news of Jesus Christ, who has been given the name above all names of disease, religion, political persuasion, and whatever else might be named, including death itself. Believers are ultimately victorous because of the intervention of Jesus.

We can live a victorious daily life by the exercising of and the development of our faith and through obedience to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Eternal life was obtained for us and is given to us by Jesus. When our daily life stops, the eternal life that is in us through faith in Jesus takes over.

Spiritual death is like a light bulb that is not plugged in. There is no connection. The only light is that which comes from the mental, emotional, physical realm, outside the spirit realm, and when that light goes out, the darkness is forever. The good news is that every person who hears the word of Jesus can turn to him and be connected to him in spirit. Then the light comes from within. Then when the lights go out around you, you still shine forever. You never die. 1-9-15

(This article was published 3 days before Becky went home to Jesus.)