Bicycle Tires And Rifles

To true a bicycle tire, it is set in a stable truing stand and tightening and loosening spokes. This takes the warps and wobbles out a tire to make the rim brakes work more smoothly and more safely. It makes for a stronger wheel and a smoother roll for greater speed. Truing a rifle and scope will enable you to hit the target with accuracy. To true a rifle, you stabilize the gun making it unmovable. By firing a round and observing where it hits, adjustments can be made in the scope and rifle to bring it into accuracy. However many rounds it takes and however many adjustments needed, once it is properly trued or sighted in, with no side wind it will hit the target accurately.

As we roll along life’s journey, sometimes the bumps in the road causes our wheels to get warped. We need to stop and make tightening and loosening adjustments on the spokes to pull our thinking and outlook back in line. This is what Jesus, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God will help us do. He will help us align to his plan, purpose, and his blessings for our lives. This is one of the values of committing our lives to Jesus to follow him. In his commitment to and walk with God, he devoured the written Word of God and was baptized in water and baptized in the Spirit. He then started carrying out God’s full purpose for his life. This is what is involved in following Jesus. We do what he did in order to do the will of God and accomplish what is to be accomplished in our lives. The Bible meaning of sin is to miss the mark. If our rifle is missing the mark, we are missing eternal life and we are missing what God has for us in this life. He has abundant, victorious, life for us in every way. The way we get our life “trued in” to God is by realizing that what Jesus did for us is the payment for sin and sickness and embracing him and his work for us. Just us being good and doing good works can never get us trued in with God. It is by the mercy and grace of God, that we can believe on Jesus, committing our lives to him, turning from sin, and receiving, that we hit the mark with God. Then, as we go through life, we can abide in the unmovable Word of God and make adjustments by the Spirit of God if our sights get out of alignment. Sometimes we get bumped around and need to make those adjustments to get lined back up to faith, love, and doing what is right. A miss-aligned rifle will miss the target and allow an enemy to get through or the wild game to get away. Daily, we need to check for true, if we want to truly know God’s victory in daily life.