Bill Pay Banking

bill pay bankingI like the bill pay feature of online banking. With money in the bank, you just enter the needed information about all the bills that need to be paid, and whenever you have a moment to sit down and enter the amount in the little window provided for that account, and hit the “pay bill” button, you can know that you have done your part so that bill is paid. Unless it is a scheduled payment, the timing of the bill being paid depends on whether it is delivered by check or electronically. But as far as you are concerned, the moment you specify the amount to pay and hit the “pay bill” button, that bill is paid. It is quick and easy, and the burden of actually getting the money delivered to the “need” is cast upon the bank while you go about your business.

Jesus said that what things you are desiring, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. He went on to say in this context to make sure there is no grudge of unforgiveness in your heart toward anybody (Mark 11:22-26). What Jesus did for us in taking a beating and dying for us and going back to heaven and dispatching the Holy Spirit back into the earth with all authority, is our “money in the bank.” When Jesus shed his blood for us, the covenant that God made with Jesus toward those who believe on him, was made sure. God swore by himself to do what he said he would do. He swore to himself that he would faithfully bless those believers without fail. In the spirit realm, the money is in bank. When we clear our hearts before God and specify the need, whether it is spiritual, physical, financial, family, social, a present need or a future need, when we go before God and we have entered the information and lay it out before him, when we hit the “pay bill” button with God, as far as we are concerned at that moment we can rejoice in that need being met. God is faithful and true to his word. When we truly place it in his hands, by his power and in his proper time, he will perform his word. As we follow him in this lifestyle of prayer, needs are met, accomplishments are made, and we are free in spirit to enjoy life in full.


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