Bomb Defuser

IED devices

In some countries terrorists will bury an Improvised Electronic Device (IED) in the dirt along a roadway. With a trip wire or by use of a remote detonation device such as a cell phone or some other electronic device, this home-made, non-conventional bomb will explode and do its damage. If this IED is discovered ahead of time, specially trained soldiers can go in and carefully diffuse the bombs to avert damage being done and lives lost.

Life itself has its own IED’s planted along the way. It is so important that we take the responsibility to keep ourselves in the know and make good choices to avoid falling victim to devices that are formed that can do damage in our lives. This is why it is so important to be filled with and sensitive to the Helper of the believer, the Holy Spirit. A good number one goal in life and prayer before God is “Lord, make me sensitive to and help me be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.” God will lead us and instruct us on how to diffuse and avoid the IED’s that are planted in life, if we will just listen to him. Perhaps our greatest enemy in life is failure to really take responsibility for making good choices and to listen to the Holy Spirit. We pray, “Oh God, do this or don’t do that, and help me with this or that.” Then we go about making choices that go against the very things about which we prayed and we fail to stop to listen to the Holy Spirit. Our trust in God should be such that it all depends on him, but on the flip side of that same coin, we should be taking the responsibility to make the right choices as though it all depends on us. God put man in the garden and put him in this position, as if he were saying: “Ok, it is your responsibility to name the animals and you are responsible to take care of this place. Don’t eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – just walk with me in my presence, and I will be with you in life.” (Genesis 3) Bottom line: Through faith in Jesus Christ trust in God with all your heart. Take complete responsibility for your life. Be filled with and listen to the Holy Spirit. Make choices toward success. Overcome the IED’s.


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