Bouncy House

The young mother had her second child in addition to her little toddler girl. Her post partum was very difficult with the depression and emotional roller coaster that is sometimes experienced. With that, she was the one who found her closest friend/family member who had committed suicide. Then, with that, vicious, terrible things were said and broadcast about her family. Long-time friends turned against them. The business she worked at shut down, losing clients and stopping her career. For a long time she was not the happy, care-free person she once was. Life had loaded her down. She clung to her faith in God, but felt herself sinking in the dark waters of hopelessness. She received ministry that helped her see and define what she had been going through over a long period of time and was encouraged to keep on trusting God. She understood the device that was designed to bring her down and take her out. Her little girl wanted her to go into the bouncy house with her. She did not want to go into the bouncy house, but she dutifully consented. When she went into that bouncy house with her little girl, the little girl’s eyes lit up and bubbles of delight came from her happy little heart. The young mother saw the carefree joy in her little girl simply because her momma was with her. As the young mother began to bounce with her little girl, it all came together.

Her Father God is with her. In the middle of all the bad things and difficulties of life, God is with her. Life happens. But in the middle of it all, we can cast all the cares and complications of life on him, and he will help us bear them or deliver us from them. Either way, with the light shining on our path of a steady trust in him, he can lead and deliver us into freedom. At that moment with her little girl, it all came together and she was free. She smiled, she laughed, she bounced, and she was free. A picture was taken of the event and a comment was posted by her mother, that she was seeing her daughter again, the one she raised, that was happy and free. The young mother herself posted her testimony that at that moment the freedom process began.

That is the desire of every human heart – to be truly free. Jesus said he himself was the truth, and the truth would make you free. When, by the word of God, we know that God is with us, and that he’s “got it” concerning our life because we have committed our life to him, then we are free. No matter what life has dished out, God always provides a bouncy house in which you can find your freedom.