Care-free in the Midst of Chaos

With the family birthday get together, the house was filled with people milling around, laughing, talking, eating, and carrying on. Terra, the four year old boxer, lay right in the middle of the walkway, sleeping, totally care-free in the midst of chaos. People were walking and stepping and standing around her, but she was not up-tight about a thing. As I mentioned something aboutTerra being so relaxed, the owner volunteered some information about her daily life at home. The dog sleeps with her and likes to be with her everywhere she goes. She especially likes to go fishing with her. As I listened to her describe how close they were in their daily activities, and how much she cared for the dog in every way, I realized why the dog was so care-free. Terra is secure in her owner’s love for her. She can trust her owner. When she knows her owner is with her in any situation, she has peace.

What a picture of how we can rest in God’s love for us! When we know and are secure in God’s love and care for us, we can trust him and relax. When we know what he has provided for us and that he is always with us with a ready supply of whatever we need, then we can rest in him, even in the face of need. When we know that through what Jesus Christ has done for us we are totally accepted by God, it is not a big concern if people reject us. When we know that God sees the motive of our heart and understands our innermost workings, it is not a big concern if people do not understand. When we know that it is God’s concern and activity is to reach out to other people with the good news and testimony of Jesus, then it is not a big concern if people don’t endorse such things. When we live in reverence to God, and know that we will give an account to God alone for the deeds done in our body while here on this earth, then it is not a big concern what people judge of us. The connection that brings about this in our life comes about by the commitment of our life to him. It’s a business transaction. By truly placing our life in his hands to do with whatever he pleases, we can begin to fully realize his care and provision for us through Jesus Christ. By living a lifestyle of such commitment to him, we will delight to be in his presence each day, loving to be with him everywhere he goes, and knowing he is with us everywhere we go. It is not a religious thing; it is a restful state of mind. It makes you so you can be carefree in the midst of chaos. Just ask Terra. (Joshua 1:8.9)