Center Stage — Jesus Is Alive And Well

We were singing a lively rendition of “Jesus Is Alive and Well” in a Wednesday night service and a stranger comes in, walks down the aisle and sits on the edge of the platform. It looked good for the moment, then, a uniformed “usher” from the local police department also walks down the aisle and proceeds to handcuff the man to assist him out of the building. The whole thing played out right before us and we never missed a beat with “Jesus Is Alive and Well.” Not even a word was mentioned about the incident in the service.

The devil loves to take center stage in our lives, and he will do it if we allow. He wants our attention and he wants our talk. He took center stage in the Garden of Eden and plunged mankind into darkness, defeat, and death. He tried to take center stage with Jesus in the wilderness temptation, but Jesus whipped him at his game by speaking the Spirit led Word of God to him, giving us the example on how to do it. It is up to us to give the devil center stage or give him the boot with the Word of God. We can give our attention to him, or to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is up to us. If you will notice, Jesus did not “dance” with the devil in the midst of temptation. As soon as he was confronted with the test, he responded with the Word. He did not entertain it a while then apply the Word. Boom! Right back at you! (Luke 4:1-13) Another example of that operation is when Jesus was there when the report was given to the ruler of the synagogue that his daughter was dead. It says “when Jesus heard it” he spoke to the girl’s Daddy and said “Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.” Then he went to the man’s house and told the people to stop crying because the girl is not dead, she is only sleeping. They scornfully laughed in his face. He made them leave, took the girl by the hand, and told her to get up. She got up, ate something, and went on living (Luke 8:49-55). At no point did Jesus give place to the words and ways of death concerning the girl. The result was life.

There is our example. What we allow center stage in our life is what we are taken up with, along with the results of such words and ways. Jesus came to show us a way in the midst of the trials of life that brings victory and abundance. To get it, we must quickly apply the Word, put the scorners out, and follow through being led by the Spirit to the end of the trial. If we are willing to submit to God in such a manner, we will see the results of God more and more to greater manifestations, because Jesus, the Word, is alive and well!