Clean Machine

Clean machine in 2015! A clean, fine-tuned, well-oiled automobile runs better than a neglected clunker! So how can we clean up, fine-tune, and oil up our life to make things run better in the coming year?

Love. The song “Luckenback, Texas” by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, talks about getting back to the basics of love. God is love, so getting back to the basics of love is renewing our walk with God by looking to and leaning on him in every detail of life. What Jesus did for us makes us right with God as we embrace him, so love and committal to him and love to our neighbors, being committed to doing only good things for them, is the foundation for fine-tuning the marvelous machine of life that we have operating in us for 1440 minutes each day.

Faith. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a neighbor’s need, and through a living faith connection work together with God and do the impossible! That would be wonderful! Well, according to the Bible, that is God’s design for believers in Jesus! That was the example of Jesus and the early church. So, to get our life machine fine-tuned and clean in 2015, we need to fill our consciousness with the promises and conditions of the Word of God to remove the obstacles to our faith so it can soar into the heavens.

Follow the Spirit. The Holy Spirit, referred to as “the oil of gladness” (Psalms 45:7; Hebrews 1: 9), always leads in ways of love, faith, and prosperity to accomplish God’s will. It was through faith in the Word and following the Holy Spirit that Jesus was able to accomplish God’s will for his life. The same applies to every believer. Wisdom in personal relationships and business practices and proper time and money management are just a few areas in which the Holy Spirit will lead every follower. This will enable a believer to prosper in accomplishing that for which they are designed to do. This makes for a smooth running happy life, well-oiled by the Spirit.

As we follow Jesus in love, faith, and the Holy Spirit, we can fulfill our God-given destiny to be a happy, smooth-running “Clean Machine in 2015.” 1-23-15


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