Clean Windows

One time my crew and I did an extensive remodel on a house. There was repair and painting inside and out that we did. Several thousand dollars was spent on the makeover. One day after working the punch list to finish up, I walked out to the highway in front of the house just to get an overall view to see if something was amiss. As I looked at the house something was not right, but I could not put my finger on it. Bushes were trimmed, the painting was done, the side porch had been re-screened – it all looked good, but something else seemed to be needed. As I studied it and came closer to the house, walking right up to the house, I realized the windows needed cleaning. Everything else was fresh, shiny, clean, and new, but the windows had the atmospheric dirt on them. After I cleaned the windows, I was amazed as I again took my position on the highway and saw the difference. I will always remember that. And the other day I was looking out of our living room and decided that I am tired of looking out at the world through dirt on our windows. I got out there and got busy, so now we can look out our office, kitchen, and living room windows with a clear outlook on life. I had to remove the storm windows to get it done, but now it is a pleasure to look outside instead of a sub-conscious irritation.

Did you know that is how we sometimes live our lives – with a sub-conscious irritation all the time. It is because we are looking out of our spiritual windows with dirt on them. We have picked up dirt that was flying though the air and it deposited on us. King David said he mourned in his complaint and made a noise because of the iniquity that was cast on him through the voice of the enemy and the oppression of the wicked. He went on to say that he was experiencing pain, the terror of death, fearfulness, trembling, and even horror was overwhelming him (Psalms 55:1-5). People around us, circumstances, situations, hashing over bad stuff and allowing evil thoughts – just life itself can get dirt on our spiritual windows. Our outlook on life becomes dingy and we miss the brightness of God’s presence and operation in our life. The Lord Jesus paid the price so we can cast all our sins, faults, failures, and all the junk we have had to come our way that has clung to our windows – we can take it all to him and get a good window washing. That’s how we can have a clear outlook and have the sparkle restored to life. Sometimes the windows have to be dismantled so it can be done. To get it done is to have peace, rest, and joy restored, just finding pleasure looking out on life with the clean presence of the Lord.