Cuts and Pinches

Right before we went to church last Sunday, I decided to put the 6 foot aluminum step ladder that was on the side porch out of sight behind the house. As I hurriedly folded it together I got my finger in the scissor brace and as it folded together it pinched a chunk out of my right forefinger. I quickly came in and washed it out with alcohol and put a band aid on it and went to church. I play the bass guitar at church, and of course the finger that got the chunk pinched out of it was my picking finger, right where I hold the pick. Well, I played the guitar, but not without blood. It reminded me of the time when I was a kid whittling on a piece of wood right before we went to church, and I laid open my thumb with a sharp pocket knife. I was afraid of what would happen to me if I told my parents what I did, so I wrapped it tightly with a handkerchief and stuck my hand in my pocket and kept it there all morning. About 55 years later to this day I still have a scar on my left thumb. I was scared of the consequences so I kept that thing covered up, which was probably not the best thing for it.

That happens in life. We do something or something happens to us, and we keep it covered up, until it heals up, but the scar of it remains for the rest of our days. That sliced open thumb could probably have used some stitches to help it heal correctly, but it did not get it so my thumb is marked for life. Sometimes one thing in particular happens in our lives that will keep us scarred for life. Sometimes we don’t make a commitment to the Lord because we are afraid we can’t keep that commitment. We say, “Well, I don’t want to make a commitment that I can’t keep.” That is like cutting our nose off to spite our face. Believing on the Lord Jesus is not having the ability to live a perfect life, it is casting ourselves on him and looking to him and trusting him to do the work in our lives that needs to be done. As we believe on him in this way, he will bring about the needed means and guidance to get done in our lives that which needs to be done. He will guide us in the needed responsibilities that we are to carry out.

So if you have covered up or ignored a pinch or cut that you have received in life, you might want to tend to that thing by trusting the Lord to begin healing you and to guide you in its remedy. Put it in the Lord’s hands and do what he prompts you to do. We don’t have to live under the bondage and scars of fear all our lives. Jesus will set us free from fear if we will look to him!