Dipped in the Cold Water

We had a shouting good time at the November baptism Saturday. I dipped 5 inmates at the prison. When each one stepped into the cold water, the shouting started, and when I pulled him up out of the water, it was louder, with a little dancing, too. I can’t say it was all because of the Holy Ghost on them to bring about all this. The cold water had some to do with it, but the Lord was there in power. Back during the summer when we baptized, there was a lot of shouting and the water was fine. I have a 6 foot livestock watering tank on my trailer that I fill with water and take to the prison to do the baptizing. Over the past two years we’ve done about 32 or 35 men. I don’t know the exact number. But here is what I have found. When you preach to hungry souls, to souls who know they need help, that Jesus died on the cross, to take their sins away and rose again in new life by the power of God, and he did it so that by believing on him, they can have their sins taken away, and they can have new life within, and the power of God upon them, they gladly turn from the way they have been and look to Jesus for their salvation. It is by believing what Jesus did on the cross for us, is what makes us right with God, period. In that, we receive eternal life from God. Jesus explained the new birth to Nicodemus using the incident of Moses being instructed to put a brass serpent on the end of a pole when the people had sinned and were bitten by serpents and dying. The sinful, needy, dying people were instructed to just look at the serpent on the pole and they would live. That prophetic event pointed toward Jesus becoming sin for us, bearing our sins on the cross, so that looking to him on the cross in faith is what sets us free from sin and heals our sickness. When you are bitten by a serpent, you need some healing. It is all in Jesus, by faith in him. With this belief in our heart, we are instructed to be baptized in the name of the Lord in identification with and in commitment to Jesus Christ. It is a picture of us being buried with him, dead to sin, and raised up by the power of God into new life. What we confess before men, Jesus confesses before the Father. Immersed in the name of the Lord is coming into relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What God has accomplished for us through the righteousness and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ is a complete work. No man can add a thing to it. Believing on Jesus gives us full salvation, spirit, soul, and body. Walking by faith brings the full experience.