Do What Needs To Be Done To Fix the Leak

Drip, drip, drip, drip – lying in bed, my eyes popped open to see the red digital clock reading 11:34. After a couple of seconds of assessing the situation and asking myself, “Is this a leak I’m hearing? Yes! This is a leak I’m hearing!” Then I say, “Ok, I’ve got to crawl up in the attic and locate exactly where that thing is coming through.” I roll out of bed to go into action. With a bucket placed beside the bed to catch the drip, I get up in the attic with flashlight and locate exactly where it is coming through. I take measurements from established reference points so I can transfer those measurements to the surface of the roof and pinpoint exactly where the water is coming through. With measurements and diagram committed to paper, I went to sleep. I was glad I was awake to hear the drip so I could get up there and catch it in action. Many times, on the roof, there is no apparent sign of a leak. It helps greatly to find it if you can catch it in action to pinpoint it, then you can go right to the area and apply the remedy. In years of handyman work, I have located and stopped many leaks in this same manner – get in the attic while raining, locate it, do something to mark it, and fix it when it is dry. I have even drilled a snug hole for a 16 penny nail and pushed it up through the roof so I could later locate and fix it. There’s a hole there anyway, so you don’t do it harm, and, you are going to fix it anyway. That’s a lot better than not being able to locate it and fix it or replacing a whole roof because of a leak or two.

The lesson here is this: If there is leak, a fault, or believing a lie, or some other thing in our life going on, damage is being done. If we don’t address it, the damage will increase, and compound. Sometimes it is not easy to fix. Uncomfortable steps have to be taken (it would have been nice to just lie in bed). The Bible way to fix it is to first get before God to really see where the problem is coming from, and when we see it, repent, change our mind from “Everything is ok” to doing what we need to do to fix it. If we don’t take these measures, the damage will persist and increase. Apathy can kill us. If we actively take the sufferings and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, what he did for us, and apply his work by faith, we can be healed of sickness and forgiven of sin. He is our remedy. Anything that says he is not, or that says “He is the remedy, but…”, is a sneaking lie. Turn from the lie and do what needs to be done to fix the leak.