Don’t Cut Up the Card!

I frequently get plastic credit/debit cards in the mail as a solicitation for me to do business with one financial institution or another. I already have all the plastic cards I need, so I promptly take the scissors to them to safely discard them. I did not know that a disbursement of some government funds that I had coming to me was going to come to me in the form of a US Bank debit card. So as I went through my mail one day and was having a conversation with my wife about whatever, I casually opened an envelope, found the card in what I assumed was a solicitation for doing business with that company, and took the scissors to it. I never gave it a second thought – until, time rocked on and I did not receive the expected government payment. I started inquiring. In the inquiry I found out that they send the money out in the form of a US Bank debit card. Oh! My mind went back to that day, and that conversation, and that casual cutting up the card that I assumed was a mere solicitation. Thankfully, I was able to have another card sent to me in order to get the funds that are available to me. That money would have been missed because of my lack of knowledge, assumption of it just being a solicitation, and my inattention.

We can miss what God has for us 1. By not knowing it is for us today, 2. By assuming what we are seeing is something we do not want because we have observed things we did not want before, and 3. By just being apathetic and not paying attention to pursue all the things that God has for us. In the things of God, Peter tells us that there will be false prophets and teachers that people will observe, and by reason of their ways and their lifestyle the way of truth shall be evil spoken of (2 Peter 2:1,2). Just because there are bad preachers does not mean all preachers are bad. Our guide and final judge is the Word of God. If it is in the Word, we are to follow that regardless of what others are doing or not doing. 1. Know that forgiveness and the fullness of the power of God is for us today. 2. Desire and pursue the character and power of God for your life personally. 3. Be diligent to not be sidetracked from what God has for you because of others, and fully embrace the promises of God and act on them with full assurance of God’s faithfulness to you. Refuse to live in fear in any way. Know that God sends you his card of goodness and power that you can receive and benefit from. He loves you and cares for you, and as a good Father through the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, offers you his life and blessings (Luke 11:9-13). Don’t chop it up with your scissors of fear and human reasoning.