Don’t Neglect This!


yard rake snapper mowerWhen I saw the wooden handle shoot out of the discharge chute of my 46” Snapper riding lawn mower, I knew I had found my yard broom. I had looked all over the place for it about three times around until I was just about cussin’ mad. Finally, I just gave up and started mowing with the lawn well overdue for a good cut. It was in the 6” grass in the back of the house where I discovered the rake. With the handle shooting out, and the belt breaking so that everything came to an abrupt stop, I assumed the worst; yes, the head of the yard broom was all balled up in the blades with portions of it sticking out from underneath the mowing deck. I had neglected to pick it up and had left it laying in the yard, so that with this rapid growth grass that we have all had, it was well concealed, laying there just waiting to be destroyed.

Negligence usually brings loss. “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation…?” is the question the writer posed to us in the Bible (Hebrews 2:3). Then the writer goes on to describe how the Lord Jesus spoke to us about this wonderful and expansive life of miraculous deliverance consisting of signs, wonders, miracles, and “gifts of the Holy Ghost”, all in God’s will for us to experience (2:4). Then he went on to describe the wonderful work that Jesus has accomplished for us, tasting death for each one of us and destroying the devil so we could be delivered from a life of bondage in the fear of death, to a life of liberty, rejoicing, rest, and peace in beholding, considering, and believing in the Son. Illustration was given of the ancient Israelites who came out of Egypt by a miraculous deliverance only to fall in the wilderness of life through unbelief. In this the writer was encouraging us to not allow our heart to be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin, but to hear God speaking to us and yield to him so we can enjoy this great salvation that has been so profusely and graciously provided to us by God himself. The good news is that Jesus is for us, not against us. Don’t neglect to believe the love he has for you and give yourself unreservedly to him, and see how he will work in your life his wonders to perform!


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