Exam Time

physical examIt is time for a physical exam. We follow the written procedure – take the pills, shake the powder into lots of water or Gatorade and take that, and eat no solid food 24 hours before the procedure. It does not take long before just liquid is flushing through your system. Get up early in the morning, go to the facility, answer all the questions, and get ‘er done. We are very diligent to do what we need to do to get our physical body probed, sampled, and tested to prevent the growth of a disease or to find out what is taking place in our body that is causing problems. That is good. We need to know where we stand and take the necessary measures to prevent or to counteract whatever is going on.

It is more important that we be just as diligent giving time for a spiritual exam. This affects our present condition and our future eternal condition. There are three wills operating in the earth – God’s will, man’s will, and Satan’s will. We can study the Bible and determine that for which God is responsible, that for which mankind is responsible, and that for which Satan is responsible. God’s will has given Jesus, who by his perfect life and eternal perfect sacrifice, has secured the putting away of our sin, the healing of our sicknesses, and full salvation and blessing in life through the power of the Holy Spirit both now and forever. Mankind’s will is to either believe unto receiving God’s provisions in life through faith and obedience, or, he can apathetically choose to make it through life in his own strength and wisdom and never tap in on all that God has for him. Such unbelief ends in separation from God forever. Satan’s will is to use deceptive devices to divide, steal, kill, and destroy. The good news is that Jesus gave us the keys to the kingdom (Matthew 16:19). It is our responsibility to examine our life to determine what will is operating (2Corinthians. 13:5), and make adjustments to live our life according to God’s will of what Jesus has accomplished for us. Each day can be our exam time to overcome all things that beset us so we can live a free and abundant life both here and hereafter.


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