Families Together

Having kayaked briefly in the ocean waters of the gulf earlier this year, I shared the experience in word and picture with my daughter, Samantha. I told her it was fun and that I planned to do it again sometime on a river or lake locally. With Father’s Day coming up, Sam suggested we celebrate the occasion by a kayaking trip on David D. Terry Lake, from Rockwater Marina, in North Little Rock. This is a series of long islands on the north side of the Arkansas River that forms a somewhat enclosed area parallel to the main channel of the river. It is very calm, with some very shallow places where the bottom was visible. We were able to see a few turtles and birds and fish. It was a good, relaxed time together with Sam and one of her friends, with a resolve of “Yes”, for a quiet and interesting way to “get closer to nature” or, to just have fun on the lake. We were at it for two hours, which was more than enough time to explore, visit as we paddled along, and get back to the marina. We joked that with the paddling required, something that we don’t do every day, we won’t have to exercise our “upper body” in our “daily workout” for a day or two. We only had a touch of “kayakitis” in the way of soreness in the days following. The vessels they provided had a nice tall back in the design of the seat which helped make the occasion a comfortable one. I’ve heard the float trip on the Saline River is very interesting. If I embark on such a journey again, that’s probably where it will be. I’ve been a nature bug all my life, and being 72 years old now, I still enjoy exploring nature. On my wife’s side of the family, we all enjoyed eating out together and just being together for the celebrated event.

The God family was the first family. The Bible calls it a “mystery” how the Father God created all things by the move of the Spirit of God and the Word of God all working together as one, yet they are Father, Son, and Spirit. Out of this union man was created, which by the same type operation of union, man continues to be created. It all operates as a family being together. That is the expressed purpose of the God family – to bring the whole family together in one through the work of the Son and Spirit working together. That is God’s will in heaven that is to be expressed on earth. Whether it is being together on a kayaking trip on a river or lake, or being together enjoying good food, fun, and fellowship, it is a good thing and a God thing for families to be united together. Through submission to Christ and God’s working on different levels at different times, it is good for families to be together.