Find the Right Pin

The initial recent survey of a piece of property we bought showed a pin located in the ground a considerable distance from the fence line. It cut about 15 feet off our street frontage and cramped our driveway and parking situation. The surveyor’s helper found the pin, so I contacted the main man and told him what was found and asked him to be sure and double check it. He said he would. Once he went into all the recorded data and ran the computerized coordinates from the other established points, and brought all this to bear on the property, he found the pin to be in error. First, upon examination of the pin itself, it was seen that it was an old telephone pole ground rod, not a typical surveyor’s pin. Next, the measured coordinates being brought to bear on that corner indicated a point almost a foot on the other side of the fence line, which would put the 6 foot wooden privacy fence on our property. Sure enough, by digging down at that point, a covered surveyor’s pin was found, and the property corner was established. Instead of losing 15 feet, we gained about a foot, and a fence, as being our property. Had we just taken what the first man found, we would have suffered loss and would have had to adjust to a cramped driveway situation.

The Bible says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). The Bible also says that no prophecy of the scripture is of any “private interpretation” (2 Peter 1:20). With that principle we can say that we don’t need to take bits and pieces of the word of God and make a doctrine out of it. We need to get the overall picture and bring all established points to bear on our life and experience. Instead of what we feel and know dictating what the word says and means, we are to allow what the word says to change us so that what the word expresses becomes our life experience. We don’t need to just take what the first man or woman that comes along says to us. What we hear and believe needs to correspond to all points of the word. Jesus has not changed. Man has changed by looking at the wrong pin and passing that off as the whole truth. When we take that, we suffer loss. We need to make sure we have found the right pin so that we are open to everything God has for us. We don’t need to leave anything out or cut ourselves short. As we do that, we will then realize that indeed Jesus Christ is for us with his same miraculous power yesterday, today, and forever.