Fish Provision

Jesus was sold out to do the will of Father God. When Peter was asked by a temple tax collector if Jesus paid the tax, Peter replied “Yes.” When Peter went into the house, Jesus indicated to him that he did not have to pay the temple tax. But because Jesus did not want to offend the temple officials and possibly give them a reason to reject his message and ministry, he told Peter to go catch a fish, and that fish will have the money in his mouth to take care of the

You are sold out to do the will of Father God. You want to take the gospel and the ministry gift that has been given to you out to the whole world. You are in debt to your brother or your sister or to someone close. It would not do well for you to just up and head to Timbuktu, Mali on a mission trip spending thousands of dollars while you owe your brother or sister or someone else, thousands. Unless they were really into supporting missions, that might be offensive to him, her, them, or whoever it might be. That is a situation where you need “fish provision.” With God it is no big deal whether it is $10, $10,000, or $10,000,000, God has resource ability. He is just looking for someone he can trust to be committed to doing his will no matter what. When he finds that person, he will build a bank if he needs to, to supply the need rather than cause someone to get hung up and miss the most important message of their life.

God likes to do above and beyond. Jesus told Peter there would be enough money from the fish to pay the tax amounts for both himself and Peter. Peter was the one who got them into this money mess, yet, he got his taxes paid, too! We need to understand, God just likes to bless people, and he will look for every opportunity and avenue to do it. The opportunity was the inquiry by the government official, and the avenue was faith and following the Holy Spirit. At times, we all face “opportunities.” By being sold out to the will of God and following the lead of the Holy Spirit, we can connect with the avenues through which we can realize “fish provision” to prevent offense and allow us to carry out the will of God with abundance of grace. 3-12-15


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