Focus on Staying Filled

The Old Testament is the Spirit-inspired history of the revealing of Jesus Christ into the world for the salvation of all mankind. Jesus came in the flesh and fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies of his coming. He had no sin, so he fulfilled the perfect righteousness which the law in the Old Testament required. Man fell short of being able to keep the law perfectly, so animal sacrifices were given as an act of cleansing from sin and appeasement. This was a prophetic picture of what Jesus would do when he came. He came and offered himself as the one perfect, eternal sacrifice for all mankind, and ushered in a whole new order of operation. Now, animal sacrifices are not needed. Now, personal cleansing from sin is by faith in Jesus Christ, in the perfect finished work that he accomplished on our behalf. In the Old Testament order of operation, the Spirit of God would usually only come on certain prophets and leaders, and they would lead the people. Now, the Spirit is for everyone. The new order was ushered in on the day of Pentecost when the Spirit was poured out on the whole assembly of unified believers. Now, every believer is born of the Spirit and can have a lifestyle of constantly being filled with and led by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. The law was given in the Old Testament, but in the new order that law has been superseded by love through the work of Jesus Christ. If we walk in love through faith in Christ, our life will fulfill the righteousness of the law. The Ten Commandments is the righteousness of the law, but walking in the leadership of the Holy Spirit is the righteousness of love which always fulfills the righteousness of the law.
Today, believers in Jesus are not to live by the law of the Old Testament. Through faith in Jesus Christ we are to be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of love. Doing this will fulfill the law. The law is given and still operates for the unrighteous and those who break the law, but followers of Jesus need to focus on being filled with and led by the Spirit of God. By this, one can experience a daily life of God-given supernatural power, righteousness, and victory in Jesus’ name. 11-15-14


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