From Limitations to Full Life

I watched the Robin build her nest and lay her eggs over a period of time in the open joists of our pavilion. She faithfully incubated them even though just about every time we approached and walked under the pavilion to get in the car she would fly off the nest. As I observed her on a daily basis, one day I noticed she did not fly off the nest. I had even parked a trailer directly underneath the nest and was doing some things on and around that, and she still stayed on the nest. With past experience of hatching eggs in an incubator, I had learned that the eggs need to be turned regularly until right before hatching. At that time, they are to be left in place and just kept consistently warm. I knew by her staying on the nest that she was on the verge of hatching some little ones. Sure enough, she did successfully hatch four little ones. They grew up and became a nest full, and with them filling the nest, I thought it would be good for a picture. I got up on the flatbed trailer and gently extended my phone toward them and took a picture. As I extended it a little closer, two of them flew off the nest. I backed off. The next day there was one lone bird left in the open joists of the pavilion, and he remained there all day long. Next day, he was still there, spending the night perched on a joist. I thought he needed some help getting started in life, so as Barbara watched me, I reached up and caught him to get him out from under the pavilion and turn him loose. He screamed out his bird scream and suddenly from out of nowhere six, eight, or maybe ten adult Robins were on the scene contributing to the commotion. As soon as I stepped down off the little ladder and turned him loose, Robins were all around him and me escorting him away in flight across the yard to the woods, and chastising me severely. Maybe the little fellow needed my help, but probably not.

God has an order set up that works. If we are willing to submit to his order and his ways and his guidance, we will be led in a good path, a successful path, and a way of full life and liberty. Jesus ministered and demonstrated God’s power and order for people’s lives, healing all the sick, forgiving sin, and instructing on how to live a harmonious life with God with wisdom and power. When we try to help God out with our own ideas, and ways, and agendas, we cause unnecessary commotion. When we take God at his Word and we reverence him to follow his way of doing things, then in due time we are able to fly off away from the limitations of the nest and find full life and liberty.