From Prodigal to Prince

dogs walkingTwo prodigal pups got out of their pen and started exploring the world. In the adventures of doing such, they went under a house, into the dark, and fell into an 8 foot deep dry well. If someone did not rescue them, they were at the bottom of that well destined to die. In due time, as they fully realized their dilemma, they began to howl, crying out for help. I was called by the property manager to go see what I could do about getting them out, and a way was devised to fish each pup up out of that hole. Even though the house sat so low to the ground so that I could barely squeeze under it, I managed to get them out. The owner of the pups insisted that I take them and keep them, so I did. And that is how I got Waylon and Willy. Those pups came from a pit to a palace. They were placed in the household as part of the family with all the rights that a family pet has. They have their own “mansion”, their own special place prepared for them, with heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Their food and drink is supplied in abundance. They have medical care, and live in a state of general prosperity in every way.

When we find ourselves in the pit of sin, destined to die, we need someone to rescue us. Our loving heavenly Father devised the way of rescue through his Son, Jesus Christ. When we call out to him, he will fish us out through our faith in him. In this “new birth”, the life of God is imparted into us, and we become his special treasure with all the rights given to us of the household of God. In his care, we have abundance of spiritual food and drink through the Word and Spirit of God. We have healing available to us and general prosperity in every way. We have his power and authority available to us to help conquer the challenges of life. We can choose to believe God has this for us and give ourselves to receive and enjoy these provisions, or, we can just “run off in the woods somewhere” and just try to make it on our own. From a prodigal to a prince – He wants us to believe big in accordance to His Word and live in abundance in every way. Luke 15. Revelation 1: 5, 6.


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