From the Pit to the Palace


Each morning when I exit the house, my two dogs, Waylon and Willy, are overjoyed to see me. These are the two little fellas I rescued out of an eight foot deep dry well when they were pups. Wary Waylon is usually already out of his house with all his sensibilities trained toward the front door with a bright, eager expression intently waiting for me to step out. Wild Willy usually stays lazily snuggled in his house right up to hearing the door knob turn, then he bounces out with his sleepy face and tousled bed head. He is definitely not the watch dog of the dynamic duo, but he is very happy to see me. They jump and climb over each other knowing it is now time for the “walk”. With their insulated climate controlled house and the care they receive, they have truly come from the pit to the palace.

Joseph came from a pit to being second in command in Pharoah’s palace (Genesis 37). His brothers and others dealt him some unjust low blows through which he ended up first in a pit then in a prison. However, it was not in Joseph to allow the bludgeoning blows of life to bend him out of shape and make him bitter. The faith of his forefathers and God was wielding influence in his life, and the choices he made in the midst of it all were choices of wisdom and righteousness. So God was able to work in his life for good and right, and through him fulfill his grand plan of deliverance and blessing for many people, even unto generations everlasting. Because Joseph was faithful to God to walk in his ways, not only was he immensely prospered and blessed personally, but through him blessing flowed to all those around him (Genesis 39:5, 23; 41:57).

God will bring you from your pit and from your prison to his palace of prosperous well being by his plan and your choice to believe his word. By placing your life in his hands and continuing to look to him for wisdom in his ways, he will guide you into that kingly place. Jesus did not give his life to just take your sins away. He came to give you abundant life in every way (John 10:10; 14:6). Take him at his word. Apply it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Be overjoyed with his presence each day in the palace he provides for you. See deliverance in your life and in the lives of those around you.


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