Full Throttle

airplane throttle 2As a boy, I had always dreamed of flying. One day, when I was about 20 years old, I was outside doing some yard work. It just so happened that the flight pattern for landing at the local airport brought the airplanes right over my head. Every day, just every so often, a plane would fly over on its way to land. When someone was practicing take-offs and landings, that plane would fly over every few minutes. One day when all this was taking place, I suddenly stopped my work, looked up at that plane flying over, and said to myself, “I’m going to learn to fly.” With that I laid my rake over against the building, got in my vehicle, went to the airport, and signed up to learn to fly. Over the next couple of weeks, after nine and a half hours of in flight instruction, I soloed and went on to pass the test to get my pilots license. In taking off in an airplane, you are to get radio clearance to take off, taxi to your position at the end of the runway, and after all systems are properly checked out, you give it full throttle and keep it at full throttle until you have left the run way and you have reached the desired cruising altitude. The key to a successful takeoff is that you keep it at full throttle. This is particularly true for a short airfield.

With God the sky is the limit, all things are possible (Mark 10:27). Once we are in position through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf, we are to then fill our wings with the wind of the Spirit by engaging our life in a full throttle commitment to fly in his grace, his power, his strength, and in his ability. With such a commitment to him, we rise higher and higher in him to accomplish the assignments he has called us to accomplish. There are places for us to go and things for us to do in the Spirit that will touch many people with the good news of Jesus. If we do not engage in a full commitment to God’s Word to be continually filled with his Spirit, we fail to get off the ground, and can crash trying. If we want to successfully take off and fly in God’s power, we must give it full throttle and keep it there until we are at the proper cruising altitude, heading to our destination to fulfill all our assignments.


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