Fun, Freedom, and Fire

Jesus is our supreme example in life. Every person has their own unique walk with God through the new birth and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, but there are some common denominators that exist for us all as we follow the Master of life.

Jesus enjoyed life. He had fun. We know that because he was anointed with the “oil of gladness” (Hebrews 1:9). That is the opposite from living under a cloud of sadness. Through the anointing, or literally through the “smearing” of the Holy Spirit, life takes on a whole new dimension of joy, even though adversities are experienced. With life and joy on the inside, life on the outside can truly be enjoyed.

Jesus was free in life. He knew who he was in relation to his heavenly Father. He did not live “under the circumstances”; he often changed the circumstances. Today, when we are in a living relationship with this same Jesus, through the “abundance of grace” and the “gift of righteousness”, we too can “reign in life” (Romans 5:17). Through having our sins forgiven and walking in obedience to the Helper, the Holy Spirit, we know we are “accepted in the beloved” (Ephesians 1:6) and that we are called to rule and reign in life through him. We are called in Christ to live in freedom.

Jesus had the fire of God in him. He was not out to just live his own life for himself. He carried the passion of God to give to all people all the good things that God had for them. His goal through his God was to be a maximum blessing to all those around him. He did this through yielding to the supernatural power and “fire” of the Holy Spirit. He spend time with his heavenly Father, and what he saw his Father doing and what he heard his Father saying in the spiritual realm, Jesus simply carried out through the Spirit in the physical realm, accomplishing God’s work on earth.

“Life is made to enjoy,” is a favorite saying of mine based on John 10:10 where Jesus said that he has come to give us life and life more abundant. Through his example and through his provisions, we can live in fun, freedom, and in the fire of God, and even in the midst of adversity, enjoy life to the fullest.


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