Get The Right Perspective

With a perusal of face book, I ran across a posting of a sidewalk artist who was expert with drawing 3-D perspectives. He was able to draw a picture of a gaping hole in the sidewalk with such reality it made people who were walking the path carefully walk around the apparent hole. There were other things he drew that absolutely looked real. His use of color and shadowing in creating a three dimensional perspective of an object was so accurate that you could not tell it from the real thing or the real condition. Another picture he drew showed a hole in the sidewalk with a little foot bridge going over it so that when he walked across the footbridge, it really looked like he was walking over the hole on the little footbridge. Such is the power of pictures of objects with accurate coloring and shadowing.

In the spiritual realm, we need to be aware that real objects and events of life can color our thinking and create shadows of experience. When these are composed into a visual image in our mind and emotions, the picture can become very real to us, whether good or bad. We can come to see ourselves as weak, sick, inferior, or insufficient to meet the task. This is why it is important that we have our minds renewed to what God thinks of us and how God sees us. In Christ, God sees us as precious, fully equipped, valiant warriors who overcome all things unto his glory. We get this as we get the Word of God revealed to us by the Spirit of God. When Jesus came and did his work for us, he did not just save our soul to go to heaven. Thank God he did that for us! But he also came to save us in this life, to make us successful in this life. All the power and provision that we need to live an abundant life in every way is here for us in Christ. As we embrace the Word of God in faith by the Holy Spirit, the light, the shadowing, and the colors that make the picture in our heart and mind are in harmony with the reality of God’s design and purpose for our life. In this way the Word of God becomes real to us in such a way that living righteously, overcoming sin and the devil, becomes real to us. Healing becomes real to us. Acceptance in Christ becomes real to us. Fulfilling God’s purpose for us becomes real to us. Giving ourselves to the Spirit and Word of God allows God to paint his picture in our mind and heart so that we see and engage in life with his perspective. Living by our point of view can keep us in trouble. Living by God’s point of view will truly liberate us in every way, although there might be persecution from those who do not understand. It’s all in perspective.