Get To Painting!

paint bucket

There is a dark corner in the house that you would like to brighten up. So, you think about it and talk about it, and you come to an agreement and make a choice of a nice bright color. You go to where they sell paint and purchase a gallon and buy a roller, brush, and pan. You set that bucket of paint, roller, and the brush in the dark corner. The next day you look at that dark corner and it is still dark. The paint, roller, and brush are still there, but nothing has changed. There must be something more take place before a change is brought about. The can must be opened and the paint poured out and applied to the wall. One stroke of the brush and roller does not complete the job. You keep applying the paint on the surface of the wall until it is all covered. Repeated application with the brush and roller transforms the corner from darkness to light. At a certain point, having covered it all, there is completion for that corner.

Knowing and having information about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom of God does not give you eternal life and a living connection with God. That’s the paint sitting in the can in the dark corner. When you allow the pan of your heart and life to have the word and Spirit of God to be poured into it, you have taken the first step. Then, as you take the brush of your tongue, which is your confession of Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and apply the life of God, transformation begins to take place. Continued application with the tools in hand continues to bring transformation. Your speaking, praying, declarations and actions in submission to and yielded to the Holy Spirit in line with the Word of God applies the plans, purposes, life, and power of God to your life and to the lives of those around you. Apply a little bit, and you have a little bit of paint on the wall. Apply a lot, all the way from corner to corner, ceiling to floor, not leaving anything out, and you brightened up the corner of the room in a beautiful way. It’s up to you. Get it out of the can and apply it, or let it sit there and just talk about it. Why not transform that dark corner! Get to painting!


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