Gift That Will Carry You Through

She was a gracious, soft-spoken, dignified lady. She was at home to die, and I had the occasion for a very brief visit. As she lay on her bed, I shared the simple gospel that no matter how good we are, the wages of sin still results in the death of eternal separation from God; but Jesus came, shed his blood, died and paid the sin penalty for us so that we might be made one with God. He gave himself to be the sacrifice that satisfied God’s justice on our behalf so that we might receive the gift of his eternal life. I told her that we can have peace by entrusting our eternal soul to the blood of Jesus. We can rest, knowing that the blood, the work that Jesus did for us, will take us into eternity at peace with God. After I shared, she asked me, “Can I really trust the blood to take me through?” I replied, “Yes ma’am, you can trust the blood of Jesus to safely take you through.” She seemed to accept that very peacefully. A few days later I learned that she died shortly after my visit.

The good news is there is a way to be prepared to die. It does not depend on our goodness, abilities, or any deeds we can perform. It is simple, and it is sure, and it is something you can obtain right now as you read this article. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Jesus offers to you the perfect gift of himself — his perfect righteous life, his sacrificial bloodshed and death, and his eternal union with Father God. What you cannot do, he has already done for you. He has already satisfied God’s righteous judgment on sin that separates you from God. He has already made you one with God. As you hear this good news and turn from your way to receive the way of God in Christ Jesus, you embrace eternal life and eternal union with God. The resurrection of Jesus is your resurrection and victory over death. He lives today to impart the gift of this living word to you. You identify with him by water baptism, and you follow him by the power of the Holy Spirit. By embracing the gift of God’s way in Jesus Christ, you live, and you are prepared to die. 9-4-14



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