God, Guns, and Guts

The wonderful liberties of this great nation were obtained with God, guns, and guts. If you will notice, in the world scheme of things, these wonderful liberties have been maintained by God, guns, and guts. Today, as a nation, if we lay down any one of these three things, we will quickly be overrun by ruthless aggressors who are with their god, their guns, and their guts. The choice is ours as to which one we want to live with. You cannot negotiate with evil. Evil is inherently evil. It will never be good. It will always, no matter how good it may appear at first, it will always steal, kill, and destroy. Lethal force must be met with lethal force. Had we, as a nation not done this in the past, we would not be the prosperous America that we are today. We would be serving under someone else’s oppressive philosophies, ideals, and demands. We would not enjoy the leadership of energetic godly men and women as we can enjoy today in this nation. Women would be a thing, less than a citizen. There would be no free enterprise system that encourages personal incentive to bring about progress that profits oneself and society. If you will notice, the further we get away from the basic principles, rights, and responsibilities of God, guns, and guts, the greater our problems compound.

About God – an empty, dead, religion that fails to change the hearts of men and women and boys and girls, and fails to put them on the path of love, forgiveness, righteousness, and wisdom in the truth of Jesus Christ, is a religion that is stealing, killing, and destroying.

About guns – there has not been one shooting in which a gun killed anyone. Research shows the killers to be people who are on mind-altering drugs, many whose past shows them to be immersed in brain-washing interactive video games that are filled with violence, killing, and glorifying bloodshed. Don’t take the guns away. Take the drugs and the video games away, and train people in a godly way.

About guts – any dead fish can float downstream. It is the person who has the guts to put God first, to take responsibility for his family to provide for them, and lead them in love, respect, and righteousness, and remain true to the founding principles of this nation – these are the true heros, the true patriots. The legacy of their life strengthens this nation instead of tearing it down. There are enough wimps. We all need to man up and take a stand for what is right, and not back down.

God, guns, and guts – this is the only way we will continue to be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” It’s either God, or a god. It is our choice.