God’s Program

plan work“Plan the work and work the plan.” That is an oft quoted motivational truism. Another one is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Both quotes are for getting things done that need to be done. The same type thing applies to the kingdom of God. God has a plan, a program to accomplish his desire in the earth. There are all kinds of religious programs available that are in place for good purpose, but it would be well to examine all we are doing in the light of God’s overall program.

As we look at the life and ministry of Jesus in the four gospels, and the early church in the book of Acts of the Bible, we see each offering themselves to God in prayer. It was in the place of prayer that both Jesus and the early church was filled with the Holy Spirit. In each case, this became the launching pad of a dynamic ministry of supernatural power. In each case, there were healings, deliverances from demonic powers, resurrection of the dead, and salvation being known by thousands of people through the ministry of the word of the gospel. This is God’s basic program for the church to carry out throughout this age.

The world is power hungry. Movies, both real life and animated, so often depict people or beings with supernatural powers. This is in the make believe world. In the real world, there is real supernatural power available. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus and the early church demonstrated. As we believers avail ourselves to believing prayer, we will tap in to this power of God. God’s power will heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, speak supernaturally both in a known language and in an unknown language, and do other signs and wonders in setting people free in every way. Sins will be put away and lives turned around in wonderful ways.

This is God’s basic program: to set people free in a supernatural way. It’s right there in the book. We can all read it for ourselves. Once we read it, then it is our responsibility to give ourselves to prayer until that which we see in the word becomes a reality in our lives. God’s program is simple in scope, but because we find it hard to lay ourselves aside, it can be difficult in practice. If we will stick with God’s plan and program to pray, say, and obey, we will tap in to God’s power and we will accomplish God’s will in the earth.


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