Good Book

Every successful person starts with deficiency. It is not so much that deficiency is wrong, what is wrong is when we fail to do anything about it. Every athlete, actor, administrator, educator, and every common laborer all started with deficiency, and by taking steps to remedy that deficiency each began to accomplish their goals.

Often times in spiritual matters, our pride won’t let us admit our deficiencies, so we just live our life going without. It’s okay to admit that we have not experienced a life-changing encounter with the Lord. As soon as we are honest with ourselves and make such a confession to ourselves, we have just taken the first step toward such an encounter. Jesus said unless you are converted and become as little children, you won’t enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18: 3). If we have not experienced the meaning of what he said, it is okay and good to admit that we have not, and start trusting the Lord for a change to take place in our life! Most everybody’s goal is to go to heaven when they die, but if the prerequisites have not been met, it’s not going to happen. It’s a whole lot better to admit that deficiency now and deal positively with it in line with the word of God, rather than wake up to that admission in the next chapter of life and find out your book is on fire! Jesus said if you are not born again you won’t see the kingdom of God, and he said it is he who does the will of the Father who is in heaven (John 3: 3; Matthew 7: 21). Every person who is in heaven started with the realization of a deficiency in their life. They looked to the Lord as the One to remedy that deficiency, and they found their supply and solution in him. In other words, they lived a life of believing on, trusting in, clinging to and acting on his finished work for them, so that they found their “deficiency” offset by his “sufficiency”. Jesus is all we need. In him we have our connection with God, we have access to the unlimited help and power of the Spirit of God, and with his help we can live out the perfect plan and will of God. In him we have all the prerequisites to go to heaven, so, we believe on him. Then, when the page turns, we just enter the next chapter. The book is good.


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