Got It Pegged

When we have someone “pegged” then we have learned something about them so that we draw a conclusion of something about them. It is to come to an understanding of what kind of a person someone is. We can also apply this to a thing or an event, meaning we have it figured out.

I submit this for you who are aware of and keeping up with the current move of God that is breaking out across the nation and in other parts of the world. The Bible talks about “times of refreshing…from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19). When people yield their lives to the Holy Spirit, God will graciously present himself with convicting power to cleanse and fill with his presence and power. We are seeing this happening on a large scale, especially among college students on many campuses across the nation. Because God’s kingdom covers the globe, this is not just a movement for college students. Every believer has a role to play. We are in this thing together. An acronym came to me as I thought about this. PEG – Pray. Encourage. Guide. For those of us who have been in this walk with the Lord for a while, we have a very definite role to play. We can be a part of the spiritual revolution that God is bringing to us. First, we can PRAY that people indeed encounter God so lives are truly changed. We can be praying that the move of God increase so that the full power of God according to his Word will be poured out upon all people. It is by his power that he accomplishes his work in the earth. Also, we can pray that God’s refreshing reach all the nations of the earth to prepare for his soon return. Next, we can ENCOURAGE those of our immediate community and church to set aside time to seek God for his working and fullness. We can have prayer times and Bible readings in our homes in addition to in our churches. This follows the pattern given to us in the Book of Acts. Finally, those who are maturely established in the Lord in the power of his Spirit and knowledge of the Word, can be a GUIDE to those who are new or uninstructed in the Lord. The Spirit-anointed Christ is the center of God’s movement on the earth. His suffering, death, resurrection, and outpouring of his Spirit is the foundation of the faith and of the church. His finished work and us being complete in Christ, anointed by his Spirit, is the sound doctrine that will bring and maintain victory in the lives of the believers and prepare us for the soon return of Jesus. The key to enter and operate in the kingdom of God is yieldedness. By yielding to the Holy Spirit we can experience the manifest presence, power, and operation of God. This gospel of Jesus is what we take to the ends of the earth.