Have You Prayed About It?

“Have you prayed about it? The Holy Spirit knows where they are at.” That was the statement made by my wife to the person who had lost their expensive glasses. Another person in the room sarcastically offered, “Yeah, and if that does not work I will see if I can find a couple of witches who can do some incantations and maybe they can find them.” Meanwhile, I was back home unaware of any of the above transaction. I was walking the dogs. There is a platform swing in our yard that I never sit in. I am always on the move. This evening, I decided to sit in the swing. I was there when Barb drove up. When I greeted her, I said, “I found these glasses here on the swing.” She said, “Those are John Doe’s glasses! I’m going right back over there and take them to him.” We went over there. She presented them to him. “Witch hunter” asked where she found them. She told how they were found, how that I never sit in the swing, but today I did. After us being on a week’s vacation and momma’s and grandkids being in the yard playing on the toys and in the swing, the glasses were preserved, and found. In the silence of the family of the lost glasses, Barb said as she left, “You can trust the Holy Ghost.” We came back home rejoicing in the faithfulness of God, that indeed we can trust in him.

When Jesus came and lived a perfect life before God and completed the work that God gave him to do, he left nothing out. He conquered sin, self, and Satan to provide abundant life in every way. Through repentance and faith in Christ, eternal life can abide in our spirit. The very mind and presence of God can fill our soul, our will, our mind, and our emotions. The life-giving power of God can fill our physical body with healing, health, and wholeness. He can re-vitalize us: “who satisfieth thy mouth with good…thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s” (Psalms 103:5). These are some of the personal benefits of walking with the Lord. It does not stop there. The Holy Spirit and angels are given as our helpers and the Holy Spirit will guide us in daily life. He empowers us to be able to share the good things of Jesus with the whole world, so others can clearly see, there is a God in heaven who is good, who cares for us, and who is alive from conquering death to assure us that when this life is over, there is a life with him forever through the Lord Jesus Christ. God is good. If something in your life is lost (material or spiritual), pray about it. The Holy Ghost knows where you can find it and get it back.