Homer, Get the Duck!

retrieverHomer, the young, energetic, Chesapeake Retriever, had his favorite stick in his mouth wanting to play. As I was walking toward the customer’s house to work on it, I called to Homer, “fetch” to see if he would bring it to me. With heightened anticipation in his face, he moved away a little bit bouncing and watching me with eager eyes. The more I tried to get him to come to me, the more excitedly he moved away. About that time the owner walked up and explained that Homer thinks this is the “catch me if you can” game and that he is going to have to be trained otherwise. This is not a game for a retriever to be playing. Once the dog gets a duck in his mouth the hunter does not want to be running all over the marsh or lake playing “catch me if you can.” It is also known that Homer’s energetic lack of understanding caused the owner to be late for the next duck hunt, and then in the middle of the hunt Homer was found busily digging a hole for whatever he was looking for, totally oblivious to any presence of ducks on the wing or in the pond. So we can readily see that how the training goes, so goes the trip. Good training produces good results, and that takes time and repetitive exercise of the good and right.

There is a law of gravity. Throw a ball up in the air, and it will come down. Just like the law of gravity is established and is always at work, it is established that God is good and that his word always works as we apply it. If we are not trained to this, we, like Homer, will be playing a “catch me if you can” game with God, hoping we can get him to do what we need him to do. When we understand God is good and will do good as we line up our lives to his ways, then we get the good results that are desired. We train and renew our minds to this by repetitive affirmations of the word of God, and we line our lives up to his ways by receiving correction and instruction in daily life while we are out on “the hunt.”

We can know what Jesus has done for us and what God is now doing, is constantly working like gravity. As we are trained to this, desired results are obtained, we can “get the duck” to the glory of God.


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