Honor to the Mother

Jesus honored and interacted with women in a society that viewed them to be inferior to a man. Women who had been “healed of evil spirits and infirmities”, Mary Magdalene, and many others, traveled with him assisting him (Luke 8:1-3). When Jesus was being led away to be crucified, “a great company of people, and of women” followed him. The women watched as they laid Jesus’ body in the tomb, and they prepared the spices and ointments for his entombment. It was the women who found the stone rolled away and the empty tomb. It was the women who were the ones to tell the eleven that the angels said Jesus had arisen. They all heard these first women evangelists words, and “they believed them not” (Luke 23:55, 56; 23: 1-11). The Holy Spirit was poured out on men and women on the day of Pentecost fulfilling Joel’s prophecy, ”your sons and daughters shall prophesy…on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out…my Spirit… and I will show wonders…and signs…that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Acts 2: 16-21). The outpouring of the Spirit is directly connected to men and women speaking out God’s word supernaturally influencing and directing people to call on the Lord to be saved.

Paul commended Phebe and many other women, giving them honor and regard (Romans 16: 1-16). Paul said we are all one in Christ with no distinctions of Jew or Greek, bond or free, or male or female (Galations 3:28). From the very beginning we see that God designed men and women to work together as one unit of family and ministry to accomplish God’s plan in the earth (Genesis 2: 18, 24). No doubt, when Mary said “be it unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1: 38), the Son of God was conceived in her that is continuing to change the world one soul at a time. We honor all women and mothers for the sacred and esteemed influence they hold in society. Those who yield to God praying “be it unto me according to your word” give birth to God’s Son for a healing, loving, comforting light to those who are wandering in darkness. Thank God for women and mothers who yield to God to give birth to Jesus for all to see.woman praying


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