Humps In Your Floor

bumpy floor

My wife Barbara and I returned from the most wonderful 5 day vacation that we have ever had in our whole life. We found a strange feeling under our feet as we walked across the floor of our house unloading stuff out of the car. “What is this that we are feeling as we walk across the floor?” Then we saw the humps in the carpet. “Oh my goodness, surely this is not what we think it is!” Then as we found the wet spot in the carpet in front of the central air unit and opened the door where the machine was running, there it was, water pouring out from under the unit into the floor. We found the air conditioner condensation line had become partially clogged with a black accumulation of gunk on the inside of the drain pipe, causing the outflow to be less than the inflow. This caused the pan to fill up for a constant overflow into the floor. When the water got between the two layers of flooring, it went wherever gravity took it, doing the damage that it does. Apparently this started taking place shortly after we went on vacation, allowing the water to damage a wide area of different rooms.

The first lesson here is that if you have a central air unit in your home, good preventative maintenance is to periodically make absolutely sure that condensation line is completely open and draining the water off freely. The next lesson is that our spiritual life operates in much the same way. If we allow our “pipes” to become clogged with sorry attitudes, slacking off from taking responsibility for our choices, and operating by principles that are not in accordance to the ways of the Word of God, it won’t take long for there to be an overflow and the damage to be done. Being slack with sin always causes damage. The first half of good spiritual preventative maintenance is to quickly confess our sins and be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. The second half of good spiritual maintenance is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in his help and knowledge on a daily basis. Walking in the Spirit in this way is the key to preventing damage from an “overflow” due to “clogged pipes” in our life. Smooth floors!


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