Hydrate For Health

For many years the first thing I did upon arising from bed and stepping into the kitchen was to drink a good amount of water whether I wanted it or not. That was before coffee, juice, milk, or anything. I got away from that practice for a while and returned to it. It might be my imagination but with that practice, it seems that I just overall feel better and do better in my body. Mind you, that’s not all the water I drink in a day either. I try to swig it down all the day long. Sometimes I get busy and forget, and, in those times I don’t feel good, particularly if it is prolonged and in the heat of the day. For many years I have been a big proponent of drinking lots of water. I guess I am writing this article to remind myself and encourage myself to be consistent in the practice, even more so as hot weather approaches. And if I want further motivation to do it, I will Google the benefits of drinking lots of pure water, along with consistent bodily exercise and getting plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Those are some simple things that if done consistently in a moderate way as a lifestyle, can add significantly to one’s overall quality of life. It all works to help build the immune system, which these days, is more important than ever, especially as you get older. The normal body is designed to heal itself. One little cut, and instantly it is working to heal itself. If we cooperate and encourage its function, it works great. If we violate the guidance of the Bible, the operator’s manual, and don’t take care of the temple, (or if we are violated due to situations and circumstances), there will be inefficient operation and sooner or later, malfunction and breakdown.

This all also applies spiritually. We are spiritual beings. Our inner man is designed to bask each day in the presence of God’s Son, Jesus. Our spiritual and physical body is designed to be immersed in and well hydrated each day by the Holy Spirit. We can even swim in the river of the water of life of the Holy Spirit. Our faith is designed to be exercised each day in the sure and unfailing promises of God so that we become strong in the Lord and in the power of his might (Ephesians 6:10-20). The normal outflow of this lifestyle is health, healing, and wholeness in every way. Then, when we need a miracle, we are in position to believe for and receive it. When this lifestyle is violated, the benefits that God has in place for us are compromised. Who does not want forgiveness, healing, protection, good things, and renewal in every way? (Psalms 103:1-5) Hydrate, and determine today to take all the steps to get all the good things God has for you.