Impossible is God’s Starting Point

The earth was dark and without beauty or form, an empty, desolate wasteland (Genesis 1). God moved by his Spirit and spoke his Word. There was light. Change. Earth as we know it, created by Word and Spirit. Abram and Sarai were old, past the age of having children. God’s Word came to him saying they would have a child of promise. God changed his name to Abraham meaning “father of a multitude” and changed her name to Sarah meaning “noble mistress”. The impossible – Isaac born (Genesis 17). Jesus was to come to earth. The Word of the Lord came to a young virgin by the name of Mary. The Spirit of God moved on her and without her ever having sexual relations with a man, became pregnant and gave birth to Jesus, the Savior of the world (Luke 1). After Jesus finished his ministry on earth, the religious and political world rejected him and killed him. The third day he came back to life and rose from the grave (Luke 23, 24). Before returning to heaven he gave the Word to his followers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in/upon their lives. He said this is what would enable them to effectively carry out the commission, taking the good news of his triumph and his spiritual kingdom all over the world. They prayed, they received, and they were filled with supernatural manifestations in their lives. By obeying the Word and yielding to the Spirit, they were changed from silent fearful ones to bold, outspoken, fearless witnesses of Jesus Christ to the world, enabled by God’s supernatural power to accomplish his work (Acts 1). Jesus himself taught that with faith in God all things are possible (Mark 9:23; 10:27).

We need to get away from our humanistic outlook of God, Jesus, the gospel, the Word, and the working of God. God’s way is plain. He speaks with his Word, he moves by his Spirit, and things change. Our place is to be in position to hear his Word and yield to his Spirit. If we are blinded by and tangled up with our own opinions, abilities, concepts, and limited experiences, then the God whose starting point is the impossible is never known personally. Jesus said those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). We don’t need more religious business as usual. Pray God Almighty give us a holy hunger and thirst for an encounter with the God of impossibilities. We must be changed by his Spirit. It takes new birth and renewal of the mind by his Word. It takes God revealing himself so we can walk in his supernatural power. It takes God to straighten out our personal lives and our sick society. Impossibilities! The basic gospel message of turning from sin, and being filled with the Word, the power of God’s Spirit, love, and faith, is God’s answer for the world today, through the name of Jesus. Impossible is God’s starting point!